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1.1 Attendance at Training

1.1.1 Every player must make an effort to attend scheduled training on Wednesday starting at 7:30. It is a point of courtesy that the Coach, team captains or Chairman must be informed if you won't be attending training. It is each player's responsibility to encourage improvement in another player's skill, which will be achieved by attendance at training.

1.2 Attendance at Games

1.2.1 Players must be at the Merton Clubhouse no later than the time designated in the Club newsletter. If a player will be late, the Coach, team captain or Chairman is to be informed prior to the time that he designates that players are to arrive. If the player is going direct to the away ground, they should inform the relevant Club official.

1.2.2 1st XV players are to attend and leave League games in their club attire. The minimum uniform for players is the team shirt (dress shirt or polo) with shorts or jeans/slacks as desired. The standard the club is aiming for is dress shirt/polo, jeans/slacks and tie. This is discussed further in section 2.

1.3 Registration & Membership

1.3.1 All registration & membership fees are to be paid by the end of October. If you are not in a position to pay the full fee up-front, you are expected to see the Treasurer Andy Thumwood Email: who can sort out a payment plan for you - Direct Debit forms are available.

Once registration forms are signed, your name will be displayed on the noticeboard in the clubhouse, which will indicate when you are a fully paid up member of the Club. This is necessary as the Club has to keep an up-to-date list of Members to adhere to RFU regulations and our standing as an Industrial and Provident Society, which covers us for insurance.

2.1 Minimum Dress Code

Players should endeavour to wear either the team dress shirt or polo shirt on match days. Official Matchday Attire & Club merchandise is available from our Lions Shop provided by Raging Bull "The Official Sportwear" to Merton RFC.

2.2 Desired Dress Code

Players are encouraged to wear the team dress shirt, and are invited to wear jeans/slacks and the club tie, additionally. When every person wears the same uniform it presents a much better image, and shows unity. Failure to do so will result in on the spot penalties by your team Captain or Social Ambassador!

Club Ties are available from the Club Bar at £12

Click here for the Lions Match Day Button above to order your Club Kit Online. Raging Bull aim to to deliver all items within 10 -12 days. *Note any bespoke items may take up to 8 weeks

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3.1 On field behaviour

3.1.1 The referee's decision is final during play. The captain is to converse with the referee when disputes arise, not the player.

3.1.2 Have fun, enjoy the game and encourage each other to play harder and better, but within the laws and spirit of the game.

3.1.3 Discipline

It should be brought to the attention of all players the disciplinary process that is implemented if you receive a red card during a match. The referee reports the incident to the Surrey RFU, who then set up a Disciplinary hearing, which the player must attend. This normally takes place at King's School by Wimbledon Common.

The referee also submits a written report of his interpretation of the incident, which goes to the Club, the player and the Surrey RFU.

In the meantime, the Club holds an internal disciplinary hearing and a written report is submitted to the Surrey RFU.

The player sits in front of the Surrey RFU Disciplinary panel, which consists of four county officials, who hear the case and then make a decision based on the hearing and the referee's report. A ban can be from one week upwards and there is always a charge that MUST BE PAID BY THE PLAYER.

As you can see, it is quite a time consuming and costly process, and that is without any ban that may be given to the player.

Therefore, the upshot is - DON'T GET A RED CARD!

A build up of red cards and/or bad behaviour on the field will ultimately lead to sanctions from the RFU, which will include referees being withdrawn from games, League points being deducted, and a Club fine. It will also besmirch the good name of Merton Rugby Club.

3.2 Off field behaviour

3.2.1 Players are expected to support our sponsors at social events held throughout the year. Our sponsors are the people who get us on the field each year by helping to keep registration fees low and purchasing our playing equipment. If a player is unable to attend a function, it is expected that he will attend the next function.

3.2.2 Swearing will not be tolerated in public forums, for example, where speeches are being made or where children are around. Generally apply the rule "A time and a place for everything".

3.2.3 If a player is acting in a manner which is to the detriment of the club, whilst wearing club colours, or at a function of the club, he is to be reprimanded by other players. If it continues, the player is to be sent home and disciplined at a later date by the discipline committee.

3.2.4 The Disciplinary committee is to be made up of the Club President, Club Chairman and Club Captain (or delegated authority if the need arises) who will decide on a course of action for the player. Penalties may range from a warning to dismissal. Each matter will be dealt with in a case by case manner. Any player sent from the field of play will be required to attend a Surrey RFU Disciplinary hearing, which will assess each case on its merits and also impose a financial penalty.

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