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1st Team - Match centre

Bucks 2
Milton Keynes Bucks Korfball Club
Sun 7 Jan 15:30 - League Full time

1st team win intra-Bucks game

A completely accurate unbiased match report Author: Benj Robinson, 2s

A completely accurate unbiased match report
Author: Benj Robinson, 2s

The weather was bleak on the morning of the 6th, yet there was only anticipation in the hearts and minds of MK Bucks Korfballerz for today was game day. This was not just any game, this was THE Bucks derby. THE game of the year. THE decider. With a few last minute dropouts the teams were reshuffled to create the following teams and pairings:

Darrel Canvin, Grant Coffer, Rosie Mitchell
Seb de Echaniz, Ellis Burgess, Katie Ellis, Rachel Moore

Benj Robinson, Arik Johnstone, Hannah Kindness, Kate Kennedy
Ed Andrews, Claire Evelyn, Holly Waugh-Moy, Zak Tural

The game started with some fantastic offense from 2s. Despite this being Zak’s debut match, Ed’s first match since his return from injury, Claire’s first game in several months and Holly’s first game since 2017, they were stringing passes together like Korf veterans and making the 1s quake in their trainers. After several minutes of working the ball around the attacking zone and a few good shots later, an unfortunate bounce saw the ball fall into the hands of the opposition collect. 1s quickly capitalised on this turnover with Rosie sinking a narrowly-undefended shot. 0-1.

The second attack by 2s provided some unlucky bounces that kept the ball from entering the Korf. Enemy Rachel managed to catch the ball on a 50/50 play and looked up to pass it from her defending zone but out of nowhere Claire jumps in the way to deny the 1s attack and resume 2s control. Unfortunately 2s couldn’t overcome the force field around the Korf and a stray ball led to another turnover. Some darting runs by Darrel and Grant provided them the necessary space for Darrel to shoot and secure his team another point. 0-2. Change ends.

1s began to attack however Holly did a fantastic job of marking Katie “Sharpshooter” Ellis rendering her unable to fire her killer shots. Similarly, Ed and Zak showed defending prowess to prevent Seb and Ellis from shooting those long shots that looked so devastating during the warm up. When the ball reached the 2s offense we were poised, ready to attack. Using clever runs, fakes and telepathy we played a game so skilful that it appeared as though we had 1 extra player than the opposition. Using this advantage, Kate provided an excellent feed to an unmarked Benj and he looped the ball with clinical precision into the target. 1-2.

Unfortunately at this point 1s attack prevailed and the ball found its way into the underdogs’ Korf. 1-3. Switch sides.

With vengeance in her eyes Hannah dissected Rosie’s game, intercepted her pass and regained possession for the 2s. A series of swift passes saw the ball make its way to attack and ultimately through the yellow circle. Despite this ball being aimed and thrown by Holly, she seemed amazed/confused that it had gone in and had a delayed celebration. 2-3. Shortly after this goal, the whistle blew to signal half time.

In the second half some other things happened but nothing really of note.

All in all a strong performance from the 2s - good game everyone and many thanks to the spectators. Bring on the rematch!

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