2013 IPL Free Fantasy Cricket League






You are invited to join our own Private League IPL 2013-Geddo Midweek League at Cricket Web's Fantasy Cricket.


Your user code for the above league is: 1360585215

To help you along there's a few things for you to know:
To join this user created league you must first have a team created in the IPL 2013 competition, as you won't be creating a new team for this Private league.

Once you have entered your team into the above competition, go to the 'User Comp. - Join' page in the logged in area and enter the user code above. This will add you to IPL 2013-Geddo Midweek League.

IMPORTANT - If you are a brand new user to Cricket Web’s Fantasy Cricket, to participate in the Private league above you need to make sure that you submit a team to the same global competition as stated above in the first bullet point. You can enter as many user leagues as you like, but to join this league you must be apart of the IPL 2013 global competition.

To view your position within this league you can do at any time by logging onto your 'Main Menu' and clicking IPL 2013-Geddo Midweek League under the heading User Competitions You Have Joined.
If you have any queries around the competition or any aspect of Cricket Web's Fantasy Cricket please feel free to contact a member of the Cricket Web Fantasy Cricket team at fantasycricket@cricketweb.net or post a message in the official discussion forum - http://forum.cricketweb.net/forumdisplay.php?f=66.

Best of Luck

Cricket Web Fantasy Cricket