Morley Borough

Morley Borough

Match stats - CK - Away

Team sheet/tackles/hit ups:
1. Ben Benton/11/4
2. Tom Hulme/8/1
3. Daz Forster/11/21
4. Phil Lythe/27/11
5. Nick Koosenlin/14/11
6. Tyson Speight/20/2
7. Hicky/37/10
8. Ryan Croft/19/6
9. Andy Marshall/16/11
10. Andy Gibney/16/16
11. Pete Everitt/22/17
12. Neil Orr/24/15
13. Chris Chapman/16/9
14. Danny Harper/3/4
15. Roy Reid/14/7
16. Marc Hullock/4/5
18. James Silverblade/5/1

Score Sheet:
0-4 try Andy Marshall
0-6 conversion Daz Forster
4-6 unconverted try CK
8-6 unconverted try CK
12-6 unconverted try CK
first half; CK 4, Morley 6
second half; CK 3, Morley 9
overall; CK 7, Morley 15
Completion Rate:
first half; 19 sets, 9 complete (47%)
second half; 15 sets, 12 complete (80%)
overall; 34 sets, 21 complete (62%)
Man Of The Match:
1. Daz Forster
2. Pete Everitt
3. Andy Marshall & Andy Gibney
The whole game was played in a continuous gale blowing the length of the pitch and down the slope. Morley had it at their backs first half and piled on a lot of pressure but coughed up the ball too often. Second half Morley upped their game and camped for long periods in CK's half but didn't quite manage the score they probably deserved. Some excellent defence and discipline in the face of provocation kept CK quiet for much of the game.
Both Phil lythe & Marc Hullock will wake up tomorrow with a mighty headache...they both clashed heads with same CK player in same tackle...and the blood did flow. Phil stayed on (once his vision returned)...Marc went to Disneyland...and then the changing rooms. They should both have a quiet night in, but that's not gonna happen!

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