Murrayfield Wanderers Football Club

Murrayfield Wanderers Football Club

All things come to those that wait! Beanie Hats available.

By arnie yule, 28th Feb 2013

Arnie Yule will be assisting Spoons (our busy Kit manager) to distribute the beany hats to those that are eligible to receive them. So if you are a full non-playing member or a Senior Citizen member, then contact Arnie to arrange for this sought after fashion accessory to be handed over!

Just to be clear, the following categories of members are NOT eligible for this freebie: Life, Associate, Country, Colts, Mini-midi, Full players and Full students. However, if there is any left over, then they will be available for purchasing.


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  1. Adam McFarlane over 2 years ago

    Spoons that's fine, I thought I'd given you my sizes right at the start of the season when you were down with your fancy Tablet PC.
    I've paid my subs and the £150 sponsorship was for the kit. My sponsorship chq went to Mr Howes.

  2. Mark Anderson over 2 years ago

    Adam, unfortunately no-one has given me an order for a player pack for you. Is this the sponsorship stuff (get £150, get gear thing)?

    I'll be down next Tuesday for physio. Can pick up then.

  3. Adam McFarlane over 2 years ago

    If you're helping Mr Spoons with the kit then Arnie, any chance i can get my players pack anytime soon please?

  4. arnie yule over 2 years ago

    Hi Adam, I had actually just taken on the beanie hat portion. But I will prod Spoons, for you.

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