Murrayfield Wanderers Football Club

Murrayfield Wanderers Football Club

PCS is up and running! This is an opportunity for YOU to shape the club's future.

By arnie yule, 23rd Jan 2013

A strong and varied group attended, representing most areas of the club. A great deal was discussed in a very positive meeting.

A sub group has been set up to ensure that the process is inclusive of all members of the club. The sub-group currently comprises: Ralf Farthing, Beth Dickens, Derek Robson, Michelle Ovens, Stuart Dennis and Arnie Yule. This group can be added to throughout the programme. The group feel that it is essential that they gain input from as much of the club as they can. They intend to take everyone's input into consideration. Any volunteers?! Parents, players and/or helpers would be very welcome; it's not restricted to coaches or officials.

Initially the sub-group are going to be working on the material that was discussed and drafted at the kick-off session: values, SWOT analysis, club ethos. These will be fed back into future workshops. Keep an eye on the website so that you can contribute into these future workshops.

This is a very exciting opportunity for the club that will receive great support from the Bill Mclaren Foundation and will hopefully prepare us for the future of Scottish Rugby at MWFC.

For more information, contact one of the sub-group.


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