Murrayfield Wanderers Football Club

Murrayfield Wanderers Football Club
By Ralf Farthing | 25th January 2013

Team for Away Match at Edinburgh Accies Blues

Strong Team selected to get an away win to match the result earlier in the season. 2pm KO - Meet at 12.30pm at the club. Shirt and Tie afterwards.

1. N Barron

2. N Sheehan

3. M Robertson

4. J Lee

5. R Howes

6. A Thorburn

7. C Dumont

8. R Hastings

9. R Ragia

10. C Gauld

11. E Eley

12. C Dove

13. K Barbour

14. P Walker

15. D Liddle

R. M Heasley

R. C Hughes

R. B Thomas

R. D Hebson

R. K Watson

R. C Wright

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