Murrayfield Wanderers Football Club

Murrayfield Wanderers Football Club
By Ralf Farthing | 1st February 2013

MWFC ii XV Boroughmuir Bears

12.15pm meet for 1.30pm kick off at home on grass. Perfect opportunity to make a great start to the 6 Nations. Shirt and Tie for after the match.

1. M Heasley

2. N Sheehan

3. N Barron

4. R Howes

5. J Lee

6. A Thorburn

7. D Hebson

8. A Macfarlane

9. K Watson

10. C Gauld

11. G Sharp

12. E Eley

13. K Barbour

14. P Walker

15. D Liddle

R. A Chalmers

R. C. Hughes

R. C Walkden

R. M Glasgow

R. M Ross

R. C Hanratty

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