Murrayfield Wanderers Football Club

Murrayfield Wanderers Football Club
By arnie yule | 22nd March 2013

3rds and 4ths squads selected.

Meet Noon, 1pm ko for both teams. FOUR senior teams will be fielded!

The 3rds and 4ths (Pirates) are playing in a round robin tournamtnet with Thebans at Murrayfield on Sat 23 March. There is still space for more players; so "come on down"! If you have contact to anybody who you think might not check kthis website or facebook, then please update them of the meeting time.

The combined squads are:

Chris Wright
Ali Crawley
Brodie Smithers
Charlie ?
Chaz Campbell
Chris Walkden
Colin Powley
Craig Hepburn
Daithi Mac Raignaill
David Muir Lawrence
David Oliver
Eugene Madiro
Gordon Bird
Greig Adams
Iain Nicol
Ian Hepburn
Ian Murray
J Johnstone
James Campbell
James Sinclair
Jim Whitehouse
Jon Bull
Jordan Usher
Keith Law
Kenny Watson
Liam Arbuthnott
Luke Jameson
Mark Dow
Mark Howie
Mark Ross
Michael Cahill
Mikey Young
Nick Mathieson
Oscar ?
P Robertson ?
Paul Macleod
Ricky Herd
Sam Moncreith
Sandy Thoms
Solomani Masi
Steve Murray
Stevie Love

And add some more, who were missed off (because we're not used to dealing with these volumes!!). So apologies to the following, who are also in the squad:

Alex Tarvitt,
Ross Marsh,
Meshack Shima,
Rory Allardice,
David Thomson,
Dave Reynolds,
Conor lockhart.

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