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By John Hansell, 27th Jun 2011

In future, I will post 2011 Tour News here on the Club News page for two days and then move the article to the 2011 Tour News Section of this web site.

Having confirmed almost all of the Tour details, there are still a few outstanding issues to be resolved.

The first burning question to be answered is "Is Hoss on tour?" Who knows? Least of all Hoss!

I bumped into Hoss, (aka Big Man, Gold Riband Best In Show Bollocks,) today at the opening of the new ASDA in Swaffham.... and I finished up in a hedge in North Pickenham. When I recovered, I asked Big Man if he could make the tour. Hoss said he would let me know in three weeks time. When I said "That's about the same time we would be leaving for the tour," Hoss said "Really? I thought July was months away!"

The second burnng question to be answered is "Is ADSA better than NETTO?"

Yes,... "ASDA is better" if you want to mix with people other than Russians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Portuguese, Rumanians, Turks, Kurds, Turds, (Turds are a mix of Turks and Kurds), not forgetting people who live in Pentney, and their overspill into Narborough, which is known as Denys Walk.

No,........ "NETTO is better" if you don't want to be run over by lunatic fat middle class women in the car park, whose only defence for running you down is "Didn't you see my reversing light?"

Also no, ........ "NETTO is better," if you want cheese, wine, beer, tea, curry paste and vegetables at half the price any other supermarket sells it for. Everything else is better value, but who buys that other crap anyway?

Otherwise yes, ........."ASDA is better" because they pack your purchases in a bag that they don't charge for, they take credit cards as well as debit cards, they have more than one aisle open when you want to pay, and they speak passable English at the till.

The third burnng question to be answered is "How sad is it to debate whether Tesco's or Netto is better?""

Maybe it should be a topic on the Club Committee meeting on 4th July.


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  1. John Hansell over 4 years ago


    "Condidering?" is that a new Ken Dodd word? Brilliant, I must get Gerry to start saying: "Are you condidering changing the batting order/ bowling/ field settings, skipper? How difficult can it be, all things condidered!"

    As regards the Denys Walk aroma, I agree it does whiff down there, but I put that pong down to the residents, who only use the tap water to irregate their taters in their front gardens.


  2. david cornwall over 4 years ago

    You are rather sneaky it seems that you have obviously took advice from the dictionary of brock and corrected your mistakes, but i was right. You still left evidence see 'emglish' is something foreign to me, and i would suggest that even those from the fine village of pentney would not have a scooby what your on about! My advice is; A, Go to specsavers B, Go to doctors and ask about your obvious alzeimers and finally C, Get some bodge tape on your colostomy bag cause i can smell you from here and thats saying something condidering that i live in the Fairstead of Narborough !!

  3. John Hansell over 4 years ago


    Having re-read your post, I think you are caught in a Catch 21 situation again.

    Send your post to Brocky first next time.

    At least he can colour it in for you,

  4. John Hansell over 4 years ago

    Comment removed by John Hansell

  5. John Hansell over 4 years ago

    Can I have a pint of what ever you are on?

    I can't see any errors.

    Maybe you are miffed at the Pentney / Denys Walk connection.

  6. david cornwall over 4 years ago

    Where you a little pissed when you wrote this as there seems to be a slight mix up between ASDA & TESCO's and also a lot of tryping errors (yes that was supposed to be wrong) i think even Brocky would of done a less error srtewn piece, perhaps you should consider sending him your work to proof read before publication?