Newport Pagnell Town FC

Willen Road
Newport Pagnell
View with Google Maps Tel: 01908 611993

Key Contacts

President Ken Inch
Chair Steve Handley 07867 528475
Secretary Cindy Stanton Send email
Press Officer Julie Handley
Webmaster Wayne Harmes


Head of Youth Jules Ford Send email
Compliance Officer Michelle Davey Send email
Welfare Officer Angela Skinner Send email
Fining Committee Sarah Rigby Send email
Pitch Coordinator Tracy Stronge Send email
Grants Officer Emily Izzo Send email

First Team Officials

Senior Director of Football Ian Ford 07714 041833 Send email
First Team Assistant Manager Maff Childs
First Team Coach Massimo Lagioia
First Team Assistant Coach Pete Munting
First Team Team Admin Wayne Harmes
Match Reporter Andy Gunn Send email


Reserve Team Manager David Ashcroft Send email
Reserve Team Coach Kevin Ealing Send email

Sunday Adults

Sunday Team Manager Paul Townsend 01908 617663 07791 651142 Send email
Sunday Team Assistant Manager Cain Richardson
Sunday Team Team Admin Lewis Cardno 07801 332215

U18 Lions Officials

U18 Lions Team Manager Graham Bass 07944680782
U18 Lions Team Admin Graham Bass 07944680782

U18 Tigers Officials

Team Admin Mark Aston Send email
Coach Jamie Hawthorn
Team Admin Paul Marsh

U16 Lions Officials

Team Manager Sid Amara
Team Admin Martin Cook Send email
Team Admin Wendy Keep
Team Admin Paula Ferebee Send email
Team Admin Caroline Mundye

U16 Tigers Officials

Manager Ty Ward
Coach Adam Tanner Send email
Team Admin Tracy Stronge Send email

U15 Tigers Officials

U16 Tigers Manager Jim Collings 07831 331684 Send email
U16 Tigers Coach Richard Scaplehorn
U16 Tigers Coach Mike Ritschel
U16 Tigers Team Admin Julie Scaplehorn

U14 Lions Officials

U15 Lions Manager Darren Clarke 07827 975256
U15 Lions Team Admin Jo Davison

U14 Tigers Officials

U15 Tigers Coach Jason reynolds
U15 Tigers Team Admin Angela Skinner Send email
U15 Tigers Coach Mario Marius Send email

U12 Lions Officials

U13 Lions Manager Ian Ford 07714 041833 Send email
U13 Lions Coach steve allen
U13 Lions Team Admin Jules Ford Send email

U11 Lions Officials

U12 Lions Coach Lewis Cardno 07801 332215
U12 Lions Coach Lewis Butler
U12 Lions Assistant Coach Dan Hefferon
U12 Lions Team Admin Helen Nixon 07771 653537 Send email

U10 Lions Officials

U11 Lions Team Manager James McNeaney 07808 030643
U11 Lions Coach Nick Melhuish Send email
U11 Lions Coach Gavin Turnbull

U10 Panthers Officials

U11 Panthers Team Manager Darren Clarke 07827 975256

U9 Lions Officials

U10 Lions Coach Andy Hall
U10 Lions Coach John Ward
U10 Lions Coach Danny Poulter
U10 Lions Coach Paul Howarth
U10 Lions Team Admin Kelly Poulter Send email

U9 Tigers Officials

U10 Tigers Team Manager Paul Townsend 01908 617663 07791 651142 Send email
U10 Tigers Coach Gary Curtis
U10 Tigers Team Admin Dawn Gillingwater

U9 Jaguars Officials

U10 Jaguars Manager Grant Gibson
U10 Jaguars Coach Mike Holliman Send email

U9 Pumas Officials

U10 Pumas Team Manager Mick Campbell 07713 267469

U8 Lions Officials

U9 Lions Team Admin Cheryl Townley 07540354533 07540354533 Send email

U8 Tigers Officials

U9 Tigers Team Manager Rob Izzo Send email
U9 Tigers Team Admin Emily Izzo Send email

U8 Jaguars Officials

U9 Jaguars Team Manager Gary Atkins Send email
U9 Jaguars Coach Stuart Potts
U9 Jaguars Coach Robert Hutchings
U9 Jaguars Team Admin Rachael Smith

U8 Pumas Officials

U9 Pumas Team Manager craig bicknell Send email
U9 Pumas Coach Daren Dykes
U9 Pumas Team Admin Claire Forman Send email

U7 Lions Officials

U8 Lions Coach Zed Mountford-Hill 07841 731780
U8 Lions Coach David Mason
U8 Lions Team Admin Mark Ward Send email

U7 Tigers Officials

U8 Tigers Coach Jon Watson
U8 Tigers Coach brian woodroofe Send email

Newport Kickers Officials

Kickers Coach Joe Carthy 07802 379646
Kickers Coach Mark Aston Send email
Kickers Team Admin Jess Murray Send email
Kickers Team Admin Jules Ford Send email

Other Officials

Junior Co-ordinator Jules Ford Send email
Director of Football Ian Ford 07714 041833 Send email
Webmaster Wayne Harmes Send email
First Team Webmaster Wayne Harmes Send email
U10 Panthers Manager Zed Mountford-Hill 07841 731780 Send email
Team Admin Andy Gunn Send email
Webmaster Andy Gunn Send email
First Team Webmaster Andy Gunn Send email
Reserve Team Webmaster Andy Gunn Send email
U7 Lions Team Manager Stuart Hall Send email
U7 Lions Coach Ben Hough Send email
U7 Tigers Team Manager Daniel Prickett Send email
U7 Tigers Coach Leon Hudson Send email
U7 Panthers Team Manager Jon Coates Send email
U7 Panthers Coach Jon Forman Send email
U13 Panthers Manager Ben Martin Send email
U10 Jaguars Team Admin Joanne Walsh Send email
U16 Lions Manager Dave Hewlett 07543481324 Send email
U16 Lions Coach Tommy Coltart Send email
U14 Lions Manager Wayne Walsh Send email
U11 Jaguars Coach Kierran Groom
U11 Jaguars Coach Scott Taylor Send email
U10 Jaguars Coach John Childs Send email
U12 Swans Manager Paul Squires Send email


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