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Last Sunday

NUNC Prem Squad vs
Hertford Hornets
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Recent activity

Team Selection, 1 day ago
Lorna Botwright selected the team for:
Sat 10 Oct, TBC League
Rhiannon Clarke
1. Rhiannon Clarke
Shannen Gray
2. Shannen Gray
Vicky Hagon
3. Vicky Hagon
Team Selection, 1 day ago
Karen Webb selected the team for:
Sun 11 Oct, TBC League
phoebe parker
1. phoebe parker
Kirstie George
2. Kirstie George
Vicky Hagon
3. Vicky Hagon
Membership, 1 day ago

Nathan Rogers joined as a coach

iPhone App Install, 2 days ago
Match Report, 2 days ago
Sat 3 Oct, TBC League
Co Jags fly to victory

Co Jags fly to victory

By Gail Selby

ER2 faced newly promoted to the league Co Jags in their second match of this season.

Match Report, 3 days ago
Sun 4 Oct, TBC League
NUNC Prem Squad v Hertford Hornets

NUNC Prem Squad v Hertford Hornets

By Lorna Botwright

We ruffled the Hornets nest and took the sting out of their tails.......

Team Selection, 4 days ago
Lorna Botwright selected the team for:
Tue 6 Oct, 21:15 League
Lorna Botwright
1. Lorna Botwright
Rhiannon Clarke
2. Rhiannon Clarke
Claire Crosthwaite
3. Claire Crosthwaite
News Item, 4 days ago
Finally the big reveal!

Finally the big reveal!

By Jon Webb

NU season, NU kit!

Membership, 4 days ago

Shannon Hall joined as a player and club member

Lorna Botwright joined as a team admin

Amber-Louise Parrott, Mollie Armes and Kirstie George joined as a club member

Team Selection, 5 days ago
Gail Selby selected the team for:
Tue 6 Oct, 21:15 League
Caitlin Clements
1. Caitlin Clements
Rebecca  Hart
2. Rebecca Hart
Grace Moll
3. Grace Moll


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