Northallerton Town play at the RGPS stadium (Ainderby Road). It is fully enclosed with 1 turnstile in the corner.
You walk through the car park to get to the turnstile. Here you pay £4 for adults or £2 for children, plus you can pick up a programme for £1.
As you walk into the ground you find yourself at the South east corner. If you keep walking you'll pass the 100 capacity covered terrace. This contains 5 or 6 crash barriers.
You'll then pass the clubhouse, next door is the refreshment bar where a number of hot and cold snacks can be purchased. Keep on going and you'll come to the main feature which is the 143 seater grandstand. You then pass the gents toilets.
There is then a gravel cage football pitch that usually attracts the young fans at half time. You turn the corner and come to the uncovered terrace behind one goal. Again there are 5 crash barriers and it's indetical to the one at the other end. You then have to clamber over a wall to get to the side with the dugouts. This is a mixture of hard standing and gravel standing. It holds 195.
There are 6 floodlight pylons providing lights for the stadium.