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A Brief History...

In compiling this draft copy of a brief history of the Combination, it has been necessary to spend quite a number of hours pouring over old minute books, not a second of that time would I regard as wasted.

Old minute books are always a fascinating glimpse into history. Legendary figures from the sporting past of Gloucester and its surrounds leap into view. Sometimes we have a faded photograph to put a name to often seen in reports, but never brought to life. We hope to publish some of these photos in the near future.

As I began by saying, this will initially be a brief history, however it is my intention to flesh out the story as time goes by.

We have to rely on "The Citizen" to tell us that the first Combination meeting took place in 1912. It is a matter of record that there were six clubs at the inaugural meeting, but we can only be sure of the names of three of them, Painswick, Tredworth and Gordon League. What if doesn't tell us is how many clubs were in the Combination at that time.

By the time of the Jubilee in 1962, the total was twenty one clubs, and records show a maximum of twenty six at its peak. Presently we have sixteen members, a fairly healthy state of affairs when we consider how many have been lost to the game in recent years.

Particularly fascinating is the sheer number of clubs that have existed in the Combination's past. Consider some of these names All Blues, Fielding's, Gordon League, Tredworth, Gas Co. Listers, Spartans, Gloucester Civil Service, Widden Old Boys, Great Western Railways, Naunton Park Old Boys, Students Union, R.N.O.C.A, Coney Hill, Old Centralians, West End, St Gregorys, Wagon Works, Gloucester Old Boys, Atlas Works, Brockworth Aero, Stroud, Painswick, Ex Scholars, Barnwood, Gloucester Post Office, Shire Hall, Gloucestershire Regiment, Gloucester Aircraft Company, B.N.S. Old Cryptians, Old Richians, Cheltenham North, Armstrong Siddeley, Longlevens, Matson, Dowtys, Hucclecote, Chosen Hill, Cheltenham Civil Service, Churchdown, Brockworth, Longlevens Old Boys, Permali, T Wall, Aircomponents, Gloucester, Newent, RAF Innsworth, Cainscross and Westbury. I make no claims that this list is any way exhaustive or complete, as I am sure that more names will come to light. Where a club has changed its name but remained essentially the same club, I have not included it twice.

The next logical step would be to make a similar list of outstanding names of former players.......that one you will have to wait for.

But why a Combination at all? What was its purpose and what were its aims?

It seems apparent that the six clubs responsible for the first meeting had some clear goals in sight. There was a clear need for some liaison organisation to act between local clubs and the county RFU. There was also a need arising for a body that could arbitrate between clubs in the event of dispute. But probably the principal reason for the birth of the Combination was that our local players were becoming more competitive and had a desire to improve their game. They wanted competition, so the NGC Cup competition was born !!!!

Previous Cup Winners...

SeasonSenior Cup WinnersJunior Cup WinnerGlanville Cup WinnersGrand Slam
2013/14Matson RFCOld Cryptians RFCConey Hill RFC
2012/13Coney Hill RFCOld Centralians RFCOld Centralians RFC
2011/12Old Centralians RFCConey Hill RFCConey Hill RFC
2010/11Coney Hill RFCConey Hill RFCConey Hill RFCGS
2009/10Coney Hill RFCConey Hill RFCConey Hill RFCGS
2008/09Coney Hill RFCConey Hill RFCConey Hill RFCGS
2007/08Coney Hill RFCConey Hill RFCSpartans RFC
2006/07Coney Hill RFCConey Hill RFCConey Hill RFCGS
2005/06Coney Hill RFCConey Hill RFCConey Hill RFCGS
2004/05Coney Hill RFCConey Hill RFCWidden Old Boys RFC
2003/04Coney Hill RFCMatsonSpartans RFC
2002/03Coney Hill RFCGordon League RFCMatson RFC
2001/02Coney Hill RFCGordon League RFCConey Hill RFC
2000/01Matson RFCOld Centralians RFCMatson RFC
1999/00Matson RFCConey Hill RFCGloucester Old Boys RFC
1998/99Matson RFCMatson RFCSpartans RFC
1997/98Coney Hill RFCMatson RFCGloucester Old Boys RFC
1996/97Matson RFCMatson RFCMatson RFCGS
1995/96Spartans RFCSpartans RFCMatson RFC
1994/95Gloucester Old Boys RFCMatson RFCMatson RFC
1993/94Matson RFCMatson RFCMatson RFCGS
1992/93Matson RFCMatson RFCOld Richians RFC
1991/92Spartans RFCMatson RFCMatson RFC
1990/91Gloucester Old Boys RFC / Spartans RFCGordon League RFCMatson RFC
1989/90Matson RFCSpartans RFCMatson RFC
1988/89Matson RFCSpartans RFCMatson RFC
1987/88Matson RFCMatson RFCConey Hill RFC
1986/87Matson RFCMatson RFCConey Hill RFC
1985/86Coney Hill RFCConey Hill RFCMatson RFC
1984/85Coney Hill RFCMatson RFCMatson RFC
1983/84Coney Hill RFCConey Hill RFCMatson RFC
1982/83Matson RFCGordon League RFCMatson RFC
1981/82Matson RFCOld Centralians RFCMatson RFC
1980/81Matson RFCMatson RFCSpartans RFC
1979/80Matson RFCGordon League RFCTredworth RFC
1978/79Matson RFCMatson RFCMatson RFCGS
1977/78Matson RFCGordon League RFCGordon League RFC
1976/77Gordon League RFCConey Hill RFCMatson / Coney Hill RFC
1975/76Gordon League RFCTredworth RFCGordon League RFC
1974/75Gordon League RFCGordon League RFCNo HistoryGS
1973/74Matson RFCOld Cryptians RFCNo History
1972/73Matson RFCOld Richians RFCNo History
1971/72Matson RFCOld Richians RFCNo History
1970/71Matson RFCMatson RFCNo HistoryGS
1969/70Matson RFCTredworth RFCNo History
1968/69Matson RFCTredworth RFCNo History
1967/68Gordon League RFCGordon League RFCNo HistoryGS
1966/67Matson RFCGordon League RFCNo History
1965/66Matson RFCB.N.SNo History
1964/65Matson RFCOld Centralians RFCNo History
1963/64Matson RFCLonglevenes RFCNo History
1962/63Matson RFCLonglevens RFCNo History
1961/62Tredworth RFCChurchdown RFCNo History
1960/61Longlevens RFCMatson RFCNo History
1959/60Gordon League RFCMatson RFCNo History
1958/59Widden Old Boys RFCSpartans RFCNo History
1957/58Gordon League RFCPainswick RFCNo History
1956/57Gordon League RFCLonglevens RFCNo History
1955/56Gordon League RFC / Spartans RFCGordon League RFCNo History
1954/55Gordon League RFCGordon League RFCNo HistoryGS
1953/54Coney Hill RFCPainswick RFCNo History
1952/53Gordon League RFCGloucester All Blues RFCNo History
1951/52Spartans RFCConey Hill RFCNo History
1950/51Tredworth RFCGordon League RFCNo History

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