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Tesco school and club vouchers
please collect as many sa you can and hand them into the bar at oakwood or to your manager or parent rep .

Monday 1st March 2010
First vouchers issued.
Sunday 9th May 2010
Last vouchers issued.
Collecting vouchers
One voucher is given for every £10 spent in Tesco stores and petrol filling stations in a single transaction (excluding purchases from Concessions, Tobacco Kiosk, prescription medicines, infant formulae or the sale of National Lottery tickets and scratch cards).
One voucher is given for every £5 spent in Tesco Express stores (subject to the above exclusions).
For every working phone your school/club sends in, they will be given 20 vouchers, and 5 for a non-working phone.
For every empty inkjet cartridge you send in that can be recycled, you will be given 10 Tesco for Schools & Clubs vouchers.
Customers then donate their vouchers to schools or clubs, who exchange the vouchers for free equipment.

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