Oldfield Old Boys RFC

Oldfield Old Boys RFC

Missed Chances


At the start of the week we were struggling for a front row…

…And it wasn't until later that 'year end' Dan Wyatt and 'expectant father' James Godwin agreed to travel to Yatton. With another late surge in student numbers we had a strong squad.

Having arrived too early at Weston previously, we arrived only 20 minutes before kick off at Yatton. At the start of the game, Johnny
Stanton was missing; Ben Escott was still changing after a delay buying man of the match wine and luke mccraith was still on route.
John Rich, obviously unaccustomed to 3rd team rugby, complained of not being warmed up and on came debutant Callum Taylor.

In the early exchanges, it was evident that we had the better of
Yatton in set plays and had backs who could make breaks. Ten minutes into the game, some simple passing led to Kenny Everitt stepping inside his man for an easy score. luke lane missed the extras, but surely there were more scores in this game.

Yatton fought hard and ended up attacking our line a couple of times, but our defence held strong. Despite having the majority of possession, we could not finish anything and attack after attack broke down from a forward pass or knock on. When awarded a penalty, Johnny
Stanton took the initiative and sent over a great kick.

Shortly before half time, Jim Kelly was hit in the calf by a sniper and was out for the game, in his place came a ginger Ryan Hartley. At half time we made some changes, on came Andy Taylor for Kenny and Ali Moger moved up to skipper the side. A blowing Callum Taylor made way for the fully warmed up Jon Rich.

The second half continued in much the same way as the first, with many missed opportunities and the constant threat of a Yatton score. Luke
Lane & Johnny Stanton made some excellent breaks, but the finishing touch was lacking. As the half progressed, frustration increased and the blowing of the final whistle was a relief.

Man of the match award and a bottle of luke warm rose went to Tom
Grant; to celebrate his birthday, his efforts all season and some great runs. On our return to Shaft Rd some of the team stayed to enjoy
Jerry Burns' flavoured vodkas and his aggressive hospitality; Simon
Smart went to a dance show.

It has been a pleasure to captain the 3rds this season, to fulfill every fixture, to come 3rd in the league and to have some great regular players; one more year it is!

Match Report written by: Kenny Everitt.

Red Army!!!

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