Otley Rugby Club

Otley Rugby Club
By mike wilyman | 26th June 2012

Viscounts Tour

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Can someone explain how to get back?

Having arrived at manchester airport in good time for our annual Viscounts tour, I must admit i thought it was strange that the obvious numbers intending to tour this summer was so low. Confidence returned after finding Mesh in the departures lounge and despite being used to 7 away at Keighley at least three years on the trot. Patience for skips organisational skills and unerring ability to turn up on the pitch 30 seconds after kick off and despite Mesh mumbling something about his flight to Whatcaguchup Umbogo just departing and that he would 'see us all later on' I dutifully headed through the gate. What happened next can only be described as pillage and abuse and I am still trying to block out the awful memory, however honestly, I awoke in a different country and wearing what can only be described as some horrendously coloured outfit. Where did I put that bottle of port?

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  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith - over 3 years ago

    My god man, how hard does that ground look!

  • chris booth
    chris booth - over 3 years ago

    do they have port down there?

  • mike wilyman
    mike wilyman - over 3 years ago

    Can honestly say port has not been mentioned once and I have to search about for a beer after the game? The big maori front rows are also very hard to keep holding up. As for mud....what is that?

  • Craig Jackson
    Craig Jackson - over 3 years ago

    right, crate of port and beer on its way, as long you give those aussies some grief about their Olympic success ;-)

  • mike wilyman
    mike wilyman - over 3 years ago

    u get charged $5 (3 quid) for a small bottle of lager here so all donations gratefully received spock. Makes the club bar look positively happy hour. Yes I did mention the fact that Yorkshire beat the ozzies in the medals table (didnt go down well...). As usual the blighters are plotting a comeback already.

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