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ORCCC Withdraw 2nd Team from OCA Div. 11

By Peter Whitlock, 5th Jul 2012

The committee of ORCCC have been discussing and reviewing the viability of the 2nd team over the last month or so on a week by week basis. We have had to concede 4 games as we were unable to raise a team, and only 2 games have been played to date.

I have just put down the phone after speaking with the OCA and I have advised them that as of now, we have withdrawn the 2nd team from the league.

We will be trying to get a friendly 2nd team up for Sunday games with a view to retaining existing playing members and to recruiting more during the rest of the season and over the winter and then hopefully re-entering the league with a 2nd team next season.

Further details will be announced as soon as possible regarding Sunday games.


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