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Penallta Junior & Women's Rugby

Away Vs Hafodyrynys 15/12/13

by Stephen Wardman

Away Vs Hafodyrynys 15/12/13

This weekend’s game was once again an away fixture. The Mini Pitmen travelled to the wet and windy heights of Hafodyrynys RFC to face the Under 7 ‘Rams’.

This week we again managed to field a team of 8 players and 1 substitute.

The first pass of the game went to the Mini Pitmen. Right from the off, the Mini Pitmen showed their intent.

Cameron Foreman passed the ball onto Ioan Miles. Ioan tucked the ball into his chest and scampered off up field well into opposition territory. Once tagged, Ioan passed the ball onto Jacob Jenkins. Jacob immediately continued the drive towards the Hafodyrynys try line and crossed the line to score the Pitmen’s first try of the game.

Hafodyrynys went on the attack and got close to the Penallta try line. The Mini Pitmen tagged extremely well before Hafodyrynys went on to score their first try of the game.

Cai Wardman took the next restart passing the ball on to Joshua Powell. Joshua headed straight at the Hafodyrynys defenders, again taking the Mini Pitmen close to the try line before being tagged. Joshua swiftly passed the ball to Cameron Foreman who was following Joshua closely. Cameron burst towards the right hand corner and crossed the line for the Mini Pitmen’s second try.

Hafodyrynys attacked once again resulting in their second try of the game.

Cameron Foreman passed the next restart ball on to Cai Wardman. Cai carved his way through the Hafodyrynys defenders, causing all sorts of problems before crossing the line for the Mini Pitmen’s third try of the day.

During the next Hafodyrynys attack, the Mini Pitmen once again defended well, causing the attacking team to run into touch. From this turnover Joshua Powell passed the ball to Taren Stevens. Taren had the chance to stretch his legs, with a fantastic run from two meters away from our try line, all the way to the opposition try line to score the Pitmen’s fourth try of the morning.

Hafodyrynys managed to sneak a try just before the half-time whistle.

Hafodyrynys started the second half and despite some fearless tag tackling by the Mini Pitmen, Hafodyrynys broke through our defence to score their fourth try of the game.

The Pitmen were attacking again. Cameron Foreman passed the restart ball to Taren Stevens. Taren drove up the centre of the pitch before losing a tag. Taren passed the ball onto Evan Burridge. Evan weaved in and out of the defenders before he too lost his tag. Evan passed the ball quickly out to Ioan Miles. Ioan once again tucked the ball in and weaved back and forth through the Hafodyrynys defence making it almost to the try-line. Ioan drew in the last defender and just before being tagged, he drifted a beautifully weighted and well-timed pass out to Cai Wardman who was steaming up the wing. This left Cai with the easiest of run ins to score try number five for the Pitmen.

Hafodyrynys took the next score, with a powerful run right through the centre of our defence to score try number five for the ‘Rams’.

The Mini Pitmen responded with the next score. Joshua Powell took the restart, passing the ball to Cai Wardman. In a dazzling display of side-stepping, Cai made his way easily through the Hafodyrynys defence to score the Pitmen’s sixth try.

The next Hafodyrynys attack ended with another try for the ‘Rams’, although, it would be their last of the game.

Penallta attacked once again. Zak Williams passed the ball to Evan Burridge. Evan once again weaved towards the opposition try line before being tagged. Evan passed the ball onto Taren Stevens. Taren again made good ground before also losing his tag. Taren continued the attack by passing onto Jacob Jenkins. Jacob continued to get the Mini Pitmen closer to the Hafodyrynys try line with a lovely turn of speed. Once tagged, Jacob passed the ball to Joshua Powell. Joshua run straight at the opposition defence taking the Mini Pitmen even further into the opposition half. Once Joshua had been tagged he passed the ball onto Ellis Muller. Ellis also run directly at the Hafodyrynys defence and with a lovely weaving run, Ellis crossed the line for his first try for the Mini Pitmen and the seventh try of the game. Well Done Ellis!

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Hafodyrynys attacked for the last time. The Mini Pitmen once again stood firm, with Evan Burridge, Ellis Muller, Jacob Jenkins, Cai Wardman and Zak Williams tagging extremely well. On their last tag, the last Hafodyrynys attacker run straight into touch, giving the Mini Pitmen one last attacking opportunity.


Not to waste this chance, Cai Wardman passed a quick ball out to Jacob Jenkins. Jacob burst up-field passing most of the Hafodyrynys defenders before being tagged. Jacob passed to Ellis Muller, who continued to make good ground before being tagged. Ellis passed the ball to Taren Stevens. Taren once again shot off up the wing, almost reaching the try line. Taren quickly passed to Ioan Miles. Ioan tried to drive the last few feet to the try-line, but was tagged just short. Ioan passed out to Cameron Foreman. Cameron spread play across field from the right to the left hand corner, managing to squeeze into the corner to score the Mini Pitmen’s eighth and final try.

Once again the Mini Pitmen have played extremely well and can be proud of the performance they have given during this game. The weather was awful, with heavy rain and chilling winds, but the Pitmen battled on to take the win.

This week our 'Player Of The Week' could have once again, gone to any one of today’s players. The coaches decided to give this week’s award to a player who was just too hot for today’s opposition to handle. With his consistent try scoring with another 3 excellent tries, taking his tally to 52 tries, accompanied with his continually improving tagging technique and support play, this weeks 'Player Of The Week' is Cai Wardman. Well done Cai!

Well done to: Cai Wardman, Ioan Miles, Zak Williams, Taren Stevens, Jacob Jenkins, Joshua Powell, Cameron Foreman, Ellis Muller & Evan Burridge


Tries: Cai Wardman (3), Cameron Foreman (2), Ellis Muller (1), Jacob Jenkins (1), Taren Stevens (1).


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