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We were going to call ourselves the ICF, but apparently that name has already been taken, so instead we have opted for the ICCF (Inter-city Chippie Firm), bring joy and reviews to Chip Shops the length and breadth of the UK, well Midlands 1 East to start with.

Match Day Report – started badly with Eddie being awarded 2 de-merits for failing to wear a blazer (apparently it was a protest at not being invited to the Lunch before the game). However things brightened up immensely when we discovered that we could purchase returns to Huntingdon for £2.65 each, apparently much cheaper than Stagecoach buses into town.

Uneventful train journey, livened up by a lady wearing a figure hugging red dress (thank you for brightening the day), perhaps this was part of East Coasts new customer care package?

On arrival with 15 minutes to spare before we were due at Huntingdon we walked into town and found the nearest pub! Some things never change. At this point we had to leave half the party in the pub and make our way to Huntingdon’s Clubhouse for the sponsers lunch. Lunch was pretty good, Pea Soup?, Green Curry & profiteroles (wine included, Mr Woolley please note). The team reunited and we were regaled with tales of a pub (name withheld for legal reasons) where the locals (think Royston Vasey here) looked on in wonder/awe/suspicion/ at the ICCF before returning their attention to the football. Our colleagues only stayed for the one.

The Game itself – we won

The memory now becomes a little hazy, after a few post match drinks, we ventured once more into Huntingdon, avoiding the pubs previously mentioned, gate crashed a wedding, meet one of Eddies ‘Happy?’ friends, drank some ‘rank’ IPA, and decided what we need was Chips. At this stage Huntingdon was not looking good, and then we stumbled across Hodsons, a chippie of rare quality and staffed by two ladies with a sense of humour, serving Fish & Chips fit for a king, or the ICCF. The food was so good that we missed the train and had to wait on the platform for tor the First Capital Connect slow train. FCC are obviously copying East Coast, as again we were entertained! by ladies wearing figure hugging clothes, however this time the clothes were two sizes too small or the ladies two sizes too big, I’m not sure which but it was not a pretty sight. Eddie from his coat of many pockets (27 at last count) produced a pack of cards and demonstrated how he had mis-spent his youth; needless to say we all ended up owing him beer.
Well that’s it for now, further updates on the ICCF’s travels will follow, anyone know how to get to Fengate on the train?

Where next?

ICCF No2 It’s a bit like a Muller Rice advert, for every bit of pleasure there is slice of pain, the ICCF w


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