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By Neil Davidson, 27th Jul 2012


The “Are You Ready to Play Rugby?” campaign was launched by Scottish Rugby in 2009 to ensure that a consistent approach to player safety is adopted and maintained across Scotland by all coaches, teachers, referees and volunteers.

During the last four years, Scottish Rugby has been working in close collaboration with the Scottish Committee of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeons (SCOT) and the Scottish Government to implement safety changes.

Scottish Rugby has now revised the “Are You Ready to Play Rugby?” policies for the start of the 2012-2013 season.

All involved in club and school rugby should be aware of the policies which apply to:

Male Under-18s in Senior Rugby Policy - main policy update:

It is Scottish Rugby policy that the age for which male players are permitted to participate in senior rugby shall be 18. The policy must be followed unless specific exceptions are met.

Two years ago Scottish Rugby reported that it was concerned about the number of U18 players that were being placed at an increased risk of serious injury by playing adult rugby. At that time, a commitment was made to monitor the situation closely with a view to making further changes to the U18 in Adult Rugby Policy if the number of players did not decrease significantly.

Last season some 305 applications to play senior rugby were received which represented an increase of 72 from season 2010-11. As a result, the Scottish Rugby Board has made the following changes to the Male U18 in Adult Rugby Policy for season 2012-13.

The main points are as follows

No 16-year-olds can apply. As a result no 16-year-old can play in senior rugby.

Only 17-year-old players who are involved in Scottish Rugby's representative programme (see full policy for definition) can apply to play senior rugby

Specific dispensation for student rugby (see full policy for details)

Please click here for the full Male U18 in Senior Rugby Policy for 2012-13.

NOTES: There are no significant changes to the female age banding and exceptions policy, except that September 1 shall be used as the cut-off date ; please click here to download the policy document for reference.

Under-16s in under-18 rugby (physical maturity assessment dates)

The first rounds of physical maturity assessments will be held in August to suit clubs and a further round will take place in early September to accommodate schools and clubs. Please click here for a list of proposed venues and dates.


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