Preston Lodge RFC

Preston Lodge RFC

Shop online and generate funds for PLRFC

Do you shop online at retailers such as M & S, Argos, Debenhams, John Lewis, HMV, Tesco etc? There is a way of shopping at your favourite websites, and, at the same time, generating much needed funds for PLRFC at no extra cost to you!

Simply use the following link to register , and up to 15% from each purchase you make will be donated to Preston Lodge Rugby Football Club.

Also, if you use EASYSEARCH to browse, instead of GOOGLE, you can raise around £20 a year just by searching 10 times a day. Use the following link :-

Using these unique WEB addresses simplifies the registration process as PLRFC’s name will be auto-selected on the registration page, saving you from searching through the 46300 plus other organisations who fundraise with EASY FUND RAISING and making registration quick and easy.


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