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Code of Conduct

The Club has a code of conduct to ensure good behaviour both
on and off the pitch. This code applies to both playing sections of
the Club, Senior and Junior, and also to Spectators, Officials and
Parents of Junior Players.
The object of this code is to clarify the Club’s position on disciplinary
matters, and the Members’ behaviour.
All on field discipline shall be dealt with by the Team Captain, or
in the case of juniors, the Coach in Charge of that age group. It is
contrary to the Club ethos and detrimental to the game if a player
seeks to cause injury to a member of the opposition. This also applies
to a player retaliating to an act of violence against himself or a
fellow player. In the event of an incident, the nearest players should
restrain those involved and break up the dispute without delay.
Should a player contravene the code, the Captain or Coach may
choose between warning the player or sending him from the field,
depending upon the severity of the offence. If a player continuously
disregards warnings or is sent off more than once, he will be asked
to attend a disciplinary hearing. This is in addition to any measures
effected by the referee or the Rugby Football Union.
It is the responsibility of all Members to ensure that spectators and
supporters, including friends, family and casual observers behave
in a manner befitting Pulborough Rugby Football Club, and actively
discourage abuse of either the opposition or officials.
The behaviour of Members before and after fixtures is the responsibility
of the Club Captain or, in his absence, the relevant Team
Captain, Club Official or Committee Member. Members should
remember that they are ambassadors for Pulborough Rugby Football
Club. Displays of aggressive or antagonistic conduct towards non
- rugby players are unacceptable. Such Members should be warned
accordingly by the Club Captain or Official and requested to desist.
Should the admonition be ignored and should the offence become
a regular occurrence, the member concerned will be requested to
attend a disciplinary hearing. Such meetings will contain the Team
Captain or Coach if appropriate, Club Captain, Chairman, members
of the committee and any witnesses deemed necessary.
The committee may impose penalties ranging from a suspension for
one match, to a lifetime ban or expulsion from the Club, depending
on the severity of the transgression.


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