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Child Protection

In this football club we have a responsibility to ensure that the children with whom we are in contact are protected from harm. The protection and welfare of the child is the paramount consideration in all actions.

All children and young people who play football should be able to take part in an enjoyable and safe environment and be protected from any kind of abuse. This has to be the responsibility of every person involved in the game from football.

We, as a club recognise child abuse as a sensitive subject, it is important that all involved understand the risks and signs involved and are able to react correctly and pay due regard to the feeling of any person that may be affected. QWFC managers and coaches routinely undergo FA management training, part of this training involves child protection issues which heighten awareness of factors that contribute to child abuse.

QWFC recognises its responsibilities to safeguard the welfare of all young people by protecting them from physical, sexual or emotional harm and from neglect or bulling. To help safeguard our young people every adult involved with the junior section of QWFC will be required to complete CRB vetting.

As CRB vetting, via the Football Association is a lengthy process all new volunteers will be supervised and monitored as far as possible to avoid any potentially harmful situations arising, thus reducing any risks to the children in the club.


The football association, in agreement with the NSPCC, defines abuse as including neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and bulling.

o All volunteers should be aware of the QWFC designated person to approach, within the club structure. And procedures to be followed when abuse is suspected, including those in cases where an accusation is made against a member of the club.

o The procedures are laid down in the FA Child Protection Procedures and Policy Handbook. They must be followed in all cases.

o Where abuse is suspected or an allegation is made to a manager or other volunteer of Quedgeley Wanderers Football Club (QWFC) they should report the information to the Clubs designated Child Protection Officer. Advice may be sought from FA/NSPCC Child Protection Hotline. 0808888 800 5000.

o If a child makes an accusation of abuse or volunteers information, the task is to listen to the child and to record what you saw or heard as soon after the event as possible then to pass onto the designated officer.

o The report should record the time, date, place and people who were present as well as what the said or seen.

o If a child confides in a member of QWFC and requests confidentiality it is important the child it told sensitively that he/she has a responsibility to refer cases of alleged abuse to the appropriate agencies for the childs own sake. Within that context the child should, however, be assured that the matter will be disclosed only to people whom need to know.

o QWFC have a responsibility to share relevant information about the protection of children with other professionals, particularly investigating agencies. A member of QWFC who knows the child best should be prepared to contribute QWFCs knowledge of the child to any one of the professional agencies if required. Any written reports should be objective and based on evidence.

o The designated officer will in all cases where abuse is suspected or an allegation made, contact the Social Services Department and/or Police as appropriate.

o QWFC recognises that the Social Services Department, the NSPCC and the Police have a statutory duty to protect children and young persons at risk. QWFC accepts that it must work in partnership with these agencies when child protection issues arise.


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