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Radcliffe-On-Trent Cricket Club

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  1. Club News 9 days ago


    By david sutton

    The Club will be holding a Car Boot on Sunday 28th September 2014. Gates will open at 6.30am. View News Item »

  2. Club News 24 days ago

    Bonus Ball as at 260814

    By david sutton

    Highlighted in yellow outstanding Bonus Ball payments. Some winnings still to be paid out. View News Item »

  3. Club News 24 days ago

    Committee minutes 070714

    By david sutton

    Committee minutes from 070714 now in documents. View News Item »

  4. Club News 1 month ago
    New Secretary required

    New Secretary required

    By david sutton

    After 12 years in the post David Ward is stepping down at the next AGM. View News Item »

  5. Club News 1 month ago

    Club hosting T20 finals

    By david sutton

    The Nottinghamshire Premier League T20 finals take place at the Club on Sunday 27th July 2014. View News Item »

  6. Members 2 months ago
  7. Club News 2 months ago


    By david sutton

    There will be a BBQ open to all at the Club from 6pm on Sunday 13th July. View News Item »

  8. Club News 2 months ago

    Club to host County Age Group Representative Games

    By david sutton

    The club are to host 3 county age group games over the next 8 days. Help by members on the days would be much appreciated. Please contact Dan. View News Item »

  9. Members 3 months ago
  10. Match Report 3 months ago
    Under 10's

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