Radcliffe-On-Trent Cricket Club

Radcliffe-On-Trent Cricket Club

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  1. Club News 1 day ago

    Bonus Ball as at 260814

    By david sutton

    Highlighted in yellow outstanding Bonus Ball payments. Some winnings still to be paid out. View News Item »

  2. Club News 1 day ago

    Committee minutes 070714

    By david sutton

    Committee minutes from 070714 now in documents. View News Item »

  3. Club News 14 days ago
    New Secretary required

    New Secretary required

    By david sutton

    After 12 years in the post David Ward is stepping down at the next AGM. View News Item »

  4. Club News 1 month ago

    Club hosting T20 finals

    By david sutton

    The Nottinghamshire Premier League T20 finals take place at the Club on Sunday 27th July 2014. View News Item »

  5. Members 1 month ago
  6. Club News 1 month ago


    By david sutton

    There will be a BBQ open to all at the Club from 6pm on Sunday 13th July. View News Item »

  7. Club News 1 month ago

    Club to host County Age Group Representative Games

    By david sutton

    The club are to host 3 county age group games over the next 8 days. Help by members on the days would be much appreciated. Please contact Dan. View News Item »

  8. Members 1 month ago
  9. Match Report 1 month ago
    Under 10's
  10. Members 1 month ago

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