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Policies, procedures and rules


Reigate Lawn Tennis Club (RLTC) uses appropriate means to advertise for volunteers, taking into account the principles of its equal opportunities and diversity policy.

The following areas are taken into consideration when recruiting a volunteer:

• Does the volunteer hold relevant and current qualifications for the role (if necessary)?
• Do they have the skills necessary to undertake the role?
• Do they have experience of working with the age group/level of player?
• Where was the previous experience gained?
• Does the volunteer agree to undertake any required training courses?
• Do they hold adequate insurance cover (if necessary)?

Potential volunteers will meet with a member of the Management Committee to assess their suitability for the role. A full job specification is available for each volunteer role, complete with responsibilities and time commitment. A criminal records check with the Disclosure and Barring Service will be made (if the role involves working with children in any capacity) and references will be taken up.

An induction will be prepared and delivered by a member of the Management Committee. This will include:

• A job description of the role, complete with responsibilities and time commitments
• A list of all other Management Committee members, with role and responsibilities
• A copy of all of RLTC's policies and procedures
• Any other relevant documentation for the specific role

The volunteer (whether paid or unpaid) will receive support and regular supervision sessions from the Chairman of the Management Committee (or from another named management committee member).

RLTC has a valid insurance policy which any volunteer is advised to read.

Resolving problems

The relationship between RLTC and its volunteer workers is entirely voluntary and does not imply any contract. However, it is important that RLTC is able to maintain its agreed standards of service to members, and it is equally important that volunteers should enjoy making their contribution.

If the work as a volunteer does not meet with the standards of RLTC, these steps will be taken:

• An initial meeting with the volunteer will explain the concerns.
• If this does not resolve the concern, then a meeting with the Chairman of the Management Committee will be convened.
• If the work still does not meet with the standards, then the Management Committee shall have to stop using the volunteer's services.

If there is any dissatisfaction on the part of the volunteer with any aspect of the work, the course of action should be:

• An initial explanation of the dissatisfaction will be given to relevant Committee Chairman.
• If that does not resolve the concern, then a meeting should be convened with the volunteer.
• If that does not resolve the issue, then a formal meeting with the Chairman of the Management Committee should follow.
• If, after this, RLTC is still unable to resolve the grievance, then it would be inappropriate to continue in the role as a volunteer.

At all times, the volunteer will be free to state his / her case with a friend present if required by the volunteer.

This volunteer policy is freely accessible to all and will be reviewed on a yearly basis.

Approved by the Management Committee in April 2017

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