Romsey Rugby Club

Romsey Rugby Club


  • Unlimited touches
  • No kicking
  • 2-handed tackles with at least 1 hand below / on the shorts*
  • No hand-offs* (Penalty = turn-over)
  • No shoulder-down, driving charges* (Penalty = turn-over)
  • No overly aggressive / inappropriate tackles* (Penalty = turn-over)

Starting the game:
  • Game starts with kick from 5m line (edge of "red zone").

  • Ball carrier:

Must either:

- whilst still in motion, pass / off-load within 3 strides (no offside for defenders in this instance)

- restart with a chicken-scratch (as per restarts below)

Can not score even if within 3 strides of the line (UNLESS already in scoring motion at time of tackle* - i.e diving for the line / stooping to place the ball etc.)

  • Tackler:

- May stay within arms length of the tackled player

- Must NOT prevent the tackled player from playing the ball

  • All other defenders:

- In the event of a pass /off-load:

no off-side

- In the event of a chicken-scratch:

Must retreat to the off-side line = 3m (i.e. rough equivalent to back foot of a breakdown)


  • After a touch (if not passed / off-loaded as above)

Tackled player:

- chicken scratch - without unnecessary delay* - within 1m of point of original tackle *

- acting scrum-half can break but no more than 5m* but can't score


- as long as coming from an onside position* can contest the scratch if the attacking "acting scrum half" is too slow to the ball.


- Tackler (only 1 player) = arms length

- All other defenders = 3m (i.e. rough equivalent to back foot of a breakdown)

  • from turn-over - tap (free kick style). Off-side line = 10m.
  • after a score - scoring side kicks from their 5m line

Ball to deck:
  • if backwards then free for all to contest

Turn-over if:
  • knock-on
  • forward pass
  • in-touch

"Red Zone":
  • area 5m from goal line nominated as the red zone. Attackers have 5 further tackles after being tackled in the red zone to score otherwise ball turned over. Restart by a tap from the point of 6th tackle but no closer than 5m from either try line - off-side from this restart = 10m

* = referee's judgement

A copy of these rules can be downloaded from the DOCUMENTS section of the web site

Latest Results

League Tables

London & SE Division » Snows Group Hampshire 1

1 United Services, Portsmouth 16 80
2 Bognor 15 65
3 Millbrook 15 61
4 Fordingbridge 16 52
5 Fareham Heathens 15 39
6 Petersfield 1st XV 14 30
7 Isle Of Wight 15 19
8 Farnborough 14 14
9 Romsey 16 10
10 Alton 14 5
11 Team Solent 0 0

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