Royal Navy Rugby League

Royal Navy Rugby League

Royal Navy Rugby League - New Zealand 2010


9 JulDepart for LHR 1700 by coach

CX254 09 JUL 10 LHR/Hong Kong 2235hrs/1725 hrs 10JUL

CX107 10 JUL 10 Hong Kong/Auckland 2105hrs/1155 hrs 11JUL

3.5 hours stop to refuel stop.

11 JulArrive 1155 LocalAucklandFirst night in Philomel

12 JulSquad TrainingNgataringa

13 JulSquad TrainingNgataringa

14 JulGame Day INgataringaWarm up game as curtain raiser for RNNZ v RAN(comp)

15 JulRest DayPhilomel

16 JulSquad TrainingNgataringa

17 JulGame Day 2 NgataringaRN v RAN(comp) To Aukland Warriors v Melbourne Storm game on completion

18 JulRest Day

19 JulSquad TrainingNgataringa

20 Jul Squad TrainingNgataringa

21 JulGame Day 3 NgataringaRN v RNZN

22 JulRest Day

23 Julovery Day Last night in Philomel

24 Jul Depart Auckland for LDN with trophy in hand! 1320 LocalCX108 Auckland/Hong Kong 1320hrs/2100 hrs

CX255 25 JUL 10 Hong Kong/London Heathrow 0035hrs/0620 hrs

3.5 hours stop to refuel stop.

25 Arrive LDN/HTW

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