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Code of Conduct

Teamwork - Respect - Enjoyment
Discipline - Sportsmanship

-Understand the values of loyalty and commitment to team mates
-Be attentive at all training and coaching sessions
-Work equally hard for yourself and your team - both will then benefit
-Be a sportsman - win or lose
-Play to the Laws of the Game and accept, without question, all of the referee's decisions
-Remember that skill development, fun and enjoyment are the most important parts of the game

-Win with dignity, lose with grace
-Respect the opponents, referees and all participants
-Value volunteers
-Reject cheating, racism and violence

-Do not leave your child alone - this is a rugby club, not a crèche. Become involved with club activities and share your expertise
-Be familiar with the coaching and training programme in order that you can ensure your child is fully involved
-Encourage young people to play - do not force them. Focus on their efforts, rather than winning or losing
-The club has a duty of care therefore, where appropriate, assist the coaches particularly when there are large numbers of young players. Make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather conditions
-Respect decisions made by the match officials and encourage young players to do likewise
-Ensure all youngsters are coached in a safe environment, with adequate first aid readily to hand
-Never allow a youngster to play or train when injured
-Be a positive role model
-Keep winning and losing in perspective - encourage young players to behave with dignity in all circumstances
-Avoid the over-playing of the best players by using a squad system
-Be aware of, and abide by, the directions outlined in the RFU Policies and Procedures For the Welfare of Young People in Rugby Union


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