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Ruislip Rugby Club

Great Games Against Crewe

by Paul Sampson

It was a horrible windy and rainy day, but the boys were undeterred and looking forward to playing some games. The more mud the better for them.

Great Games Against Crewe

As it was cold, the boys spent some time warming up with a visit to “The Hill”, before doing some exercises with the bags.

It was then time to get the games under way, but as it was cold, there was no time to waste and they started sooner than normal.

Conditions were bad, with the mud being heavy under foot, and the rain was making the ball very slippery. This combination made it hard to play flowing rugby, with everyone dropping the ball on occasions. As the games went on though, the rugby improved as the boys got used to the slippery ball.

The first game between the A teams was a very close encounter, with Ruislip coming out 2-0 winners and both tries being scored by Avi.

The first game for the B’s was a great team effort, with Ruislip winning the game 5-1 but scoring all 6 tries. Congratulations to William for scoring his first try since coming back from injury, even if he was on loan to Crewe at the time.

The second game for the A teams saw Ruislip put in much stronger performance, winning the game 5-1.

The second game for the B team started badly, with Crewe scoring a good early try. Some strong pressure from Ruislip saw them score 2 tries and briefly take the lead, before Crewe bounced back with a couple of tries and taking the score to 3-2. Ruislip dug in hard and played some great rugby, scoring 3 deserved tries, taking the final score to 5-3 and winning the game

Results Summary:

Ruislip A 2-0 Crewe

Avi (2)

Ruislip B 5-1 Crewe

Glenn, James, Nia, Jamie, George

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Ruislip A 5-1 Crewe

Tariq (2), Owen, Avi, Joe

Ruislip B 5-3 Crewe

Glenn (2), Callum (2), Toby

Well done to all the players. The conditions were very difficult, and the weather was very cold and wet, but they still managed to play some exciting games of rugby.

It was great for the Crewe teams to visit us on their tour, and to bring such a friendly group of players, coaches and parents. They were all a great credit to their club.


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