Under 14's - Match centre

Saddleworth Rangers ARLFC
Sun 1 Apr 12:30 - League

Big Thank you to IRB

IRB a very good team and equally good coaching and first aid staff.


Saddleworth unfortunately due to injury and holidays down to 15 players avaialable to travel. That would not have had a major bearing on this game as IRB were far too strong a team, both technically and physically for Saddleworth to compete with.

From the kick of IRB scored in the first minute and then pressed home thier momentum and higher skill and completion levels to turn the screw all the way up to half time. At no point did Saddleworth throw in the towel but were outclassed in all areas by a team that has a significant number on scholarship at pro clubs and national level and it shows. IRB are very quick, fantastic in support and a great flowing team. At half time the score was IRB 34 - Saddleworth 0.

For a period of 15 minutes in the middle of the first half Saddleworth rallied and kept IRB out but the intense amount of work Saddleworth had to do in this period told towards the end of the first half.

Unfortunately very early in the second half there was an injury to one of the Saddleworth players (James Fowles). Who sustained what looked like a very serious neck / spinal injury. The game was stopped and james was immediately attended by the coaching staff from both clubs first to James were the IRB first aider and coaches who I have to say were fantastic with James and at every stage put his safety paramount and for that we owe them a great debt of gratitiude, thanks fellas. Unfortunately although IRB is only 1.7miles from Wigan Hospital it took the ambulance over an hour to get to the club, due to another major incident locally. Throughout this time James was looked after by the first aid team from IRB. clearly we had no alternative but to call the game off after the elapsed time saddleworth were only too happy to concede the defeat and sort out the details when the league require it.

Fortunately folowing Xrays and CT scans at Wigan Hospital I can report that James has no broken or fractures bones but has suffered severe trauma and muscle damage to his lower neck top of the spine area. He has been treated and has a neck brace but should make a full recovery in around 2 to 3 weeks, our best wished go to James and we all hope he has a speedy recovery.

Big props to IRB again as they were superb under the circumstances thanks to Chris and his team for there support and good wishes. Cheers mate.



Team selection

Saddleworth Rangers ARLFC
  • 1. James Fowles
  • 2. Lewis Christian
  • 3. Cameron Robertson
  • 4. Ben Hamer
  • 5. Jordan Buin
  • 6. Dom D'Adamo (c)
  • 7. Adam Wardle
  • 8. Cameron Whittley
  • 9. Bowden Morgan
  • 10. Ryan Shaw
  • 11. Dom Elkin
  • 12. Harry Wallace
  • 13. Ben Eardley
  • 14. Ben Schofield
  • 15. Cameron Clare
  • 16. Matthew Rooney


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