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Practice Announcement / Schedule - Spring 2012

3 years ago, By Randy Helsman

On Tuesday evening, 2/7, we will begin our regular 2x weekly evening sessions. At CruZ Rec, 5th and Masters St, 8-10 PM on Tues and 7:30-9: PM on Thur0

Per Head Coach Bill Jalbert,

On Tuesday evening, we will begin our regular 2x weekly evening sessions. The location is once again Cruz Recreation Center, 5th & Master Sts. Times will be 8-10 PM on Tuesday and 7:30-9:30 PM on Thursday.


1. - We need to start and finish on time, so be booted up, dressed, stretched and ready to go at the specified time.

2. - Everyone, please start packing your kit with a non-cleated pair of shoes you can wear on a hard surface. We have had to change locations on short notice in the past, with some not being prepared to run on pavement. Show your readiness and commitment by being ready for whatever we have to work with. That's just one part of what it takes to get to the next level.

3. - If both Paul (assistant Coach) and I are running late or unable to attend, we will communicate a practice outline to the captains who will run the session. Their words are my words, afford them the respect that they deserve.

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