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U14 - Match centre

Sun 5 Nov 11:00 - Friendly Full time

Stormers V Dinnington

A Nail Biting Game

Scunthorpe RUFC U14s (Stormers) V Dinnington U14s
Away Game 5/11/17
Final Score SRUFC U14s 21 – Dinnington U14s 17

A beautiful sunny but breezy morning saw the Stormers travel into Yorkshire to play Dinnington, in a nail bitingly close game of rugby.

Scunthorpes kick was caught by Dinnington but solid tackles by Conroy, Hall, Stevens, Craze and Barrett piled on the pressure and Dinnington couldn’t make anything of their possession. From a Dinnington line out Hall was in quickly to interrupt the flow and the ball was passed allowing Toyne to come in with a tackle and the Stormers regained possession of the ball. With the ball in the hands of Craze ground was made before passing over to Ingram and then between most of the team through several phases of play Conroy took the ball forward before going to ground following a tackle, Bradwell took the ball passing to Toyne and then Ingram, Dinnington regained possession of the ball in the ruck but the kick was safely caught by Christer who turned and ran to make ground dodging the Dinnington players with Toyne and Ingram in supportive play. From a line out Barretts throw was caught by Dawson who used his strength to take the ball forward, a penalty was awarded to Dinnington and with possession they started to make some ground before being slowed and stopped with tackles by Christer, Conroy and Stevens before the Stormers kicked and chased the ball with Murray gaining possession. A scrum saw Dinnington steal the ball and run down the wing to score a try, with the conversion also going over. Scunthorpe kicked to restart the game with Dinnington collecting the ball and kicking the ball back to be dived on by Christer, a penalty awarded to Dinnington saw them kick to touch, from the lineout Dinnington took the ball only to be stopped by a tackle from Craze allowing quick thinking Stevens to steal the loose ball, the Stormers worked together to ensure that the ball headed towards their try line from a penalty the ball was kicked to touch and the lineout saw Barrett throw the ball to Bradwell and then come back in to collect the ball taking it away from trouble before passing to Murray who ran the ball closer to the try line and drew in players before a fantastic backwards offload to Craze who ran the final few metres over to score a try with Conroy scoring the conversion. Dinningtons kick was caught by Horwell who ran forward passing to Barrett as he was tackled, the ball then went through the linking hands of Dawson, Conroy, Toyne and Lythgoe with the forwards working together to drive a maul several metres and almost to the try line. Dinnington stole the ball back and kicked but made nothing of it the ball went through the hands of most of the Stormers as they dominated the last part of the first half but they weren’t able to get it the ball over.

Half Time Score 7-7

The second half saw Dinningtons kick bounce into touch and from the line out Barretts throw was caught by Lythgoe who offloaded to Conroy and then Craze who fought his way forward through the Dinnington defence, Dinnington stole the ball back in a ruck but were quickly tackled into touch the lineout once again saw Barretts throw caught by Lythgoe, but a later knock on saw Dinnington dominate a scrum and take the ball out down the blindside only to be tackled by Christer and Toyne, Ingram picked up a loose ball passing out to Craze who once again made ground before being stopped with a tackle Hall came in to support in the ruck picking up the ball and passing out before Craze once again gained possession and made ground before a penalty was awarded against Scunthorpe the game continued but neither team dominated until a penalty was awarded to Scunthorpe Horwell kicked long to touch and the lineout saw Bradwell take the ball with additional support and protection coming from Hall, the ball found the hands of Conroy and Horwell before being passed to Dawson who used his strength and determination to plough through the Dinnington defence safely putting the ball over the line to score his first try of his career, Horwells boot saw the conversion sail over. Dinnington replied with a quick try scored by them spotting the gap and running down the wing. The Stormers kick was caught by Dinnington with Hall piling in to rip the ball out, the team came in with support and drove solidly towards the try line, Dinnington mamaged to steal the ball back but only held onto possession for a few seconds as solid tackles meant that they dropped the ball and Horton collected it passing out to Horwell before it went through the hands of Christer, Dawson, Stevens all the time making ground finally it reached the hands of Craze who spotted the gap and ran forward to score his second try of the game, the boot of Horwell saw the conversion scored. Dinnington replied quickly scoring another try. The Stormers were determined to add another score to the board and with superb teamwork and support from the whole team they dominated the closing moments of the game but ran out of time before the final whistle went.

Final Score: Scunthorpe 21 – Dinnington 17

Man of the Match: Alex Dawson for his try and solid attacking play

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