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U14 - Match centre

Scunthorpe Rugby Club
Sun 3 Dec 11:00 - Friendly Full time

U14s V Dinnington

A display of teamwork

Scunthorpe RUFC U14s (Stormers) V Dinnington U14s
Away Game 3/12/17
Final Score SRUFC U14s 21 – Dinnington U14s 17

The Stormers travelled into Yorkshire to play Dinnington, in once again a nail bitingly close game of rugby.

Dinnington started the game with a kick that was picked up by Osborn who took the ball forward and into a ruck from which the ball was collected by Horwell and went through the hands of Conroy, Stevens, Christer and Dawson who made ground before Dinnington stole the ball back kicking and chasing it to pick it up and run in an early try. Scunthorpes kick was caught by Dinnington and they made some ground before Osborn was in with a tackle although Dinnington kept the ball it wasn’t long before they knocked the ball on and a scrum was awarded to Scunthorpe. Dinnington stole the ball but Stevens and Osborn were quickly in with solid tackles forcing Dinnington to make a mistake resulting in a penalty being awarded to Scunthorpe which was kicked into touch the lineout ball was cleanly caught by Scunthorpe and passed out to Murray who made some ground before being tackled and Dinnington stealing the ball back before knocking it on giving away a scrum to Scunthorpe who used the power of the pack to push over the ball after which followed a display of teamwork and solid play a loose ball was picked up by Parkin who made some ground before being tackled but with support coming from Stevens and Murray possession was retained before once again Dinnington stole the ball but defensive play from Hall, Lythgoe and Ingram ensured that nothing could be made from the possession. Possession of the ball changed several time before solid defensive work by Scunthorpe allowed Osborn to carry the ball forward before being tackled but Dawson collected the pass before the ball went through the hands of Horwell, Stevens, Conroy and back to Dawson with the line in sight Dinnington stole the ball kicking the ball back in their favour Parkin was in with a tackle but Dinnington passed the ball across the pitch until the tackles made by Parkin, Stevens and Dawson pressurised Dinnington into kicking the ball which was caught by Barrett who ran forward before being tackled and a ruck forming from which the ball came out and was kicked to touch Bradwell was in quickly from the lineout causing Dinnington to drop the ball which was picked up by Christer and going over to Osborn then to Stevens and back to Osborn who forced his way through the Dinnington defence to score a try and the conversion also sailed over. The restart saw Dinnington kick and run to catch the ball just in front of Hall who piled in with a tackle and whilst Dinnington retained possession tackles by Conroy and Horton ensured that they couldn’t make anything of it and Conroy kicked the ball only for a Scunthorpe player to be caught offside and the resulting penalty meant that Dinnington had the throw in at the lineout only for Barrett and Ingram to be in with a quick tackles allowing Scunthorpe to regain possession Conroy kicked the ball to be caught by Dinnington who were tackled by Horton who also stole the ball, the ball found the hands of Hall who powered into the Dinnington defence and once again the power and teamwork of the Stormers was evident as a driving maul saw them travel several metres, from a scrum awarded to Dinnington the Stormers pushed over and the ball was collected and passed to Stevens and then through the hands of Conroy, Stevens, Horwell, Hall, Barrett, back to Conroy and Stevens, then to Dawson, Osborn and Murray all the time making precious ground towards the try line in a series of powerful runs and rucks they almost made it to the line when the whistle was blown for half time

Half Time Score 7-5

The second half started with Scunthorpe kicking the ball and the fast legs of Barratt getting him to the ball to catch, Dinnington managed to steal the ball back and kicked it but the Stormers chased it down and covered the ball, the ball swapped teams several times before Dinnington gained the upperhand and passed the ball across the pitch whilst making ground until tackles by Dawson and Horton allowed Osborn to steal the ball back. A scrum was awarded to Dinnington allowing them to make ground almost to their try line but with steely determination the Scunthorpe youngsters worked together to put on a display of defensive play that meant Dinningtons repeated attacks were stopped until eventually they found the gap following a penalty and forced their way through to score. Scunthorpe replied in a timely fashion when awarded a penalty from the kick to touch that followed the trusty hands of Barrett threw to Osborn who passed to Murray, Murray made ground before being stopped by a tackle that allowed Dinnington to gain possession they kicked the ball which was once again caught by Barratt and an infringement meant another penalty to Scunthorpe with their heads in the right place Osborn took a quick tap and go and with the support of the team made sure he crossed the line to score with once again the conversion going over. Dinningtons kick was long and almost to the try line with Stevens having caught it Dinnington were quick to follow stealing the ball in a tackle and finding the line to score another try. With minutes to go the Stormers needed some points on the board to put them back in the lead what followed was an amazing display of aggressive attacking rugby, Scunthorpes kick was caught by Dinnington who were immediately tackled and the ball stolen back by Scunthorpe and passed to Osborn who made ground towards the try line a 2 penalties awarded to Scunthorpe allowed them to set up Osborn who with every team member in support forced his way through the Dinnington defence to score his third try of the game, then just to add the extra points Horwells conversion sailed over.

Final Score: Scunthorpe 21 – Dinnington 17

Men of the Match: Jack Ingram and Aidan Horton for their great tackles and defensive play

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