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U13 - Match centre

Sheffield / Old Rishworthians
Scunthorpe Rugby Club
Sun 2 Apr 11:00 - Friendly Walkover winner: Sheffield / Old Rishworthians

Stormers V Sheffield / Old Rishworthians

Tough day at the office

With 3 teams, it was decided to shorten the length of the games to enable all the teams to play each other.

Scunthorpe V Sheffield
Scunthorpe starting kick was caught by Sheffield who passed the ball across the pitch before being stopped by a tackle from Conroy, with a penalty awarded to Scunthorpe Morrell, Stevens and Warburton linked together to ensure that they kept the ball and moved forward, a ruck saw Toyne and Hall defending whilst the ball came out to Dawson who made ground. Another ruck saw Bradwell going over and Hall taking the ball out and making some ground. A scrum saw the strength of the forwards (Hall, Toyne, Bradwell, Armitage and Dawson) saw the ball cleared so Conroy could collect and pass to Warburton, play continued with Scunthorpe taking the ball forwards when Sheffield regained control a tackle by Lythgoe allowed Dawson to steal the ball back. Scunthorpe continued to make ground until Sheffield ripped the ball and ran through to score the opening try of the day. The restart saw Sheffield catch the kick and hold onto the ball passing across the pitch despite an early tackle by Christer, with a scrum awarded to Scunthorpe the forwards once again pushed clear with the ball being collected by Conroy and passed to Warburton who went forward before being tackled, from the ruck the ball was taken out by Bradwell and passed to Stevens then Morrell who ploughed through before a tackle saw him taken to the ground, some messy play followed with the ball changing sides and despite tackles from Bradwell and Morrell Sheffield broke through the defence Sheffield out paced Christer and Dawson to score. Sheffield then scored another quick try. Scunthorpes kick to restart saw a knock on by Sheffield, the scrum once again saw the powerful forwards allowing Scunthorpe to have the ball and with the ball moving at pace through the hands of Warburton, Christer, Morrell all who spotted gaps in the Sheffield defence and wove their way through before passing to Conroy who placed the ball over the try line
Final Score Scunthorpe 5 – Sheffield 15

Scunthorpe V Old Rishworthians
Old Rishworthians kick was caught by Morrell who was tackled and the ball stolen by Old Rishworthians who had knocked the ball on, the resulting powerful scrum by the forwards saw Scunthorpe gain control of the ball deciding to kick for ground, the resulting chase wasn’t quick enough and Old Rishworthians regained control with a fast run ½ the length of the pitch that was eventually slowed by the teamwork and tackles of Warburton and Lythgoe, Old Rishworthians managed to hold on to the ball passing across the pitch before making a break through the gap to score despite Stevens tackle on the try line. Once again following the restart Old Rishworthians tried to pass across the pitch but a loose ball was picked up by Warburton who passed to Morrell before it went through many hands and back to Warburton who was taken down by a tackle that allowed Old Rishworthians to steal the ball and with wings on their heels run in to score another try. Old Rishworthians caught the ball from the restart and were almost immediately tackled by Stevens forcing them to pass the ball, a follow up tackle by Toyne saw Stevens collect the ball and make a run before passing to Conroy, the ball was lost to Old Rishworthians until a lightning move by Warburton saw him steal the ball back and pass to Bradwell who powered his way through the Old Rishworthian defence. Old Rishworthians stole the ball back and decided to kick, this was chased by Conroy who dove onto the ball and then kicked the ball back, with Old Rishworthians having the ball teamwork tackling by Morrell and Toyne was unsupported and they managed to score another try quickly followed by 2 more.
Final Score Scunthorpe 0 – Old Rishworthians 25

Scunthorpe V Sheffield
The final game of the morning saw Sheffields kick caught by Stevens who passed to Morrell, despite Sheffields attempts to take him into touch he managed to stay in long enough to pass the ball which was taken down into a ruck, Hall and Bradwell worked well to secure the ball for the Stormers and then from a scrum the ball went out to Conroy and the Morrell who ran it over the line to score a try. Sheffields kick was again caught by Stevens who passed to Dawson who powered forward through the defence passing to Conroy who went down and a ruck was formed, Bradwell cleared out the ball to Warburton who made ground before losing the ball to Sheffield. From a ruck Sheffield didn’t release the ball due to the pressure that Scunthorpe were putting on them, with Scunthorpe back in possession teamwork from Stevens, Christer, Hall and Warburton saw them dominating the game a loose ball was picked up by Morrell who passed to Conroy and then back to Morrrell another ruck formed with Sheffield offside and this time the ball was passed between Stevens, Conroy, Warburton and Toyne before a mistake saw a penalty awarded to Sheffield who kicked the ball. Christer had the ball and good support and teamplay in the rucks was not enough as Sheffield stole the ball to run in a try. Scunthorpes kick was caught by Sheffield but powerful tackles by Christer and Hall saw Scunthorpe regain the ball, Christer took the ball forward until he was tackled hitting the ground with an Earth shattering thud, coming off injured to a round of applause from all players and spectators. Scunthorpe tried to hold on but with a speedy run from the last play Sheffield managed to run in a final try
Final Score Scunthorpe 5 – Sheffield 10

Man of the Match: Keenen Toyne – Strong tackling and support for his teammates

I would like to thank and praise the players that turned up today as despite having a reduced team they gave everything they had and it was a pleasure to see the teamwork between then

It’s our final Kids First Champion for the season! David ‘Flats’ Flatman and two special guests surprise Ellingham & Ringwood RFC.

Team selection

Team selection has not been published for this fixture yet.


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