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U13 - Match centre

Scunthorpe Rugby Club
Sun 23 Apr 11:00 - Friendly Full time

Stormers V Driffield

St Georges Day win for the Stormers

A bright sunny St Georges Day saw the Stormers venture North of the river to Driffield for a game of rugby that was definitely one of 2 halves.
Driffield started off quickly catching the Stormers napping from the kick they collected the ball, passed across the pitch and despite a valiant chase by Hall they ran in the first try of the day. The Stormers held their heads and continued to play with Murray-Auckland catching the Driffield kick and going down into a ruck from which Christer took the ball before passing it to Conroy who made good ground before hitting the grass and Driffield regaining possession of the ball, they made some ground but a chase and solid tackles by Toyne ensured that this wasn’t for long, from a follow up tackle made by Morrell, Murray-Auckland regained possession of the ball who passed to Warburton and then Dawson who when tackled held onto the ball as he hit the deck placing the ball over and with Barrett coming over to protect the ball Lythgoe was able to pick it up and make ground before the ball was lost to Driffield in a ruck, they passed the ball over making a break down the wing to score their second try of the day. Driffield caught Scunthorpes kick but were quickly sized up and tackled by Stevens and Lythgoe which allowed the ball to become loose, Barrett spotted it scooped down and picked it up passing over to Conroy. A scrum was awarded to Driffield who passed the ball out wide, Stevens came in with a tackle which allowed the Stormers to steal the ball back before Driffield were penalised for a ‘dump tackle’, the Stormers were unable to take advantage of this as they were penalised for coming in to a ruck too early, Driffield took the tap and go but Dawson came in for a tackle and from the ruck Toyne took the ball and made some ground a series of rucks and mauls dominated by the powerful Scunthorpe forwards allowed the Stormers to dominate play and make ground. Driffield managed to steal the ball back but good tackles ensured that this wasn’t for long and Lythgoe and Christer picked up the loose balls ensuring that possession returned to and stayed with the Stormers before Murray-Auckland delivered the ball safely over the try line. Scunthorpes kick was cleanly caught by a Driffield player who before he could take a step was tackled by Osborn who also snatched the ball, good linking play between Stevens and Conroy allowed the Stormers to make ground before a penalty was awarded to Driffield. Driffield passed across the pitch but tackles by Warburton and Osborn allowed Murray-Auckland to gain possession of the ball before passing over to Ingram, some messy play followed but the Stormers managed to hold on to possession of the ball until Toyne collected it and ran forward making good ground before offloading it to the supporting players. Driffield managed to steal the ball back and looked as though they were going to run down the wing unchallenged but the Stormers piled on the pressure and forced him to run into touch. Stevens with possession passed to Barrett who took the ball into a ruck from which Driffield pushed over to steal the ball but they were quickly tackled by Conroy, a couple more rucks followed before Driffield picked up and passed across only to have the pass intercepted by Osborn who ran forward through the gap what followed was some good solid play from both teams before Driffield once again stole the ball and ran in a try. The Stormers continued to fight back with good tackles by Warburton, Morrell, Osborn and Murray-Auckland allowing Ingram and Murray-Auckland to make breaks towards the try line only to be stopped by Driffield.

I’m not sure what was in the water at half time but the Stormers came out with a determined attitude that the hard work that they were putting in was going to be rewarded with scores to match.

Driffields starting kick was picked up by Dawson and then whilst making ground the ball went through the hands of Stevens, Toyne and then Osborn who ran in the last few metres to score his debut try for the Stormers. Scunthorpes restart kick was collected by Driffield but solid defensive work ensured that they made no ground for several minutes then with the ball coming out from a Driffield scrum it went through the hands of Osborn and Toyne who between them made the ground passing over to Ingram who dodged the remaining Driffield players to put the ball down safely over the line for his first ever try. Scunthorpe again where given the kick and a lovely long ball ensured that it sailed over the heads of Driffield whilst the Stormers chased it down Lythgoes tackle meant that Osborn could pick up the ball and get safely over the line to score. A repeat performance again meant that Driffield collected the ball from Scunthorpes kick but wre unable to do anything with it until a scrum was awarded to them. The ball was stolen by Christer who was tackled but popped the ball over to Lythgoe, Osborn and Ingram who took a high tackle. From the penalty, the ball went through most of the team before finally Toyne put it down over the line to score his first try of the game. Scunthorpe again kicked the restart, the Driffield catcher was tackled by Steven releasing the ball to the ground, Conroy seized the opportunity kicking and chasing the ball through the defence to get the ball over the line to score. Scunthorpe again took the kick but tackles by Osborn, Stevens and Ingram ensured that Driffield were unable to use the ball, eventually Osborn managed to steal the ball and solid linking play and strong rucking which involved all the team saw the Stormers dominate possession until a silly mistake saw them penalised. With Driffield in possession Morrell, Warburton and Toyne stepped in with some superb tackles, before the Stormers were again penalised, this time it was Barrett who lined up the ball carrier with a tackle and then stole the ball before fighting his way through the Driffield defence with Dawson in support. The Stormers continued to make ground with the ball with support coming from Hall and Conroy until the flow was stopped close to the try line with a scrum being awarded to Driffield who passed the ball out allowing Toyne to come in with a tackle before another try was awarded this time to Scunthorpe who drove over the ball and drew players in allowing Conroy to run straight through unopposed to score a try. Driffield kick went long, so play returned to the 22 where Scunthorpe took the kick that was chased down by Hall and although Driffield collected it defensive teamwork ensured that the Stormers kept the pressure on a forcing a mistake from the scrum Stevens and Toyne linked play to ensure the ball was clear of Driffield allowing the pass out to Osborn who made ground before offloading to Ingram. The ball swapped sides several times until the Stormers decided enough was enough and tackles by Bradwell and Osborn resulted in a ruck that the power of the Stormers forwards ensured that there was space and time for Morrell to pick up the ball and pass out. Again, the ball swapped sides a few times but the Stormers held their ground with the forward attacking until eventually they once again dominated the play with Steven, Conroy and Morrell linking play together before passing to Osborn who strolled through the gap to score. Scunthorpe were given the kick which was caught by Driffield, Hall piled in with a tackle and from the maul Hall used his strength and determination to rip the ball from the largest Driffield player passing it out to be kicked into touch for the end of the game.

Every single member of the team played superbly well today fighting back from a losing first half to win.
Man of the Match: Keenen Toyne – strength of tackles, good passes and linking play

Final Score Scunthorpe 40 - Driffield 15

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