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By Mark Kelly | 19th November 2009

Player Profile - Conor Byrne

Player Profile - Conor Byrne image

Conor "Mummy’s Boy" Byrne! The man behind the muscle!

Name: Conor Byrne

Age: 24

Weight: 13 stone (of Westwood chiseled muscle)

Position: Wing

Biggest Inspiration: Dolph Lundrum, Zap Brannigan When Tony met Mary, Conor "Soft Boy" Byrne was created. He has a various array of nicknames, be that “Byrnsie, Byrnio, Shingles, Boom or Dolph. Conor became street wise through years of rigorous training and buggery in the Beavers.

Ever since Conor was spotted wearing his CBC jersey during the summer holidays of 1997 (he actually started to attend the school in 1998) as a fashion statement, everyone knew he was destined for great things on the rugby pitch. Conor is known for his self proclaimed "boom" approach. When a famed local journalist of the Dun Laoghaire Gazzette referred to him as a modern day Jonah Lomu, Conor believed himself to be invincible on the pitch. This invincibility was cut short when Conor introduced himself to the shoulder of a certain Tongan centre, Sila va'Enuku, of Cill Dara. Night night boom!!
Since then Conor can be spotted every night sitting in front of his laptop with a nice bowl of his Mum’s chicken noodle soup and when feeling adventurous Conor loves to let his small amount of hair down and rock to his beloved Guitar Queero

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