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By Mark Kelly | 4th December 2009

Player Profile - Damien LeDuc

Player Profile - Damien LeDuc image

Straight from the pages of the latest Astrix book.... it's LeDuc!

Age: 4

Position: Bingo-Half

Biggest Inspiration: Zeta Mc Laughlin

Nigel: [to Le Duc] Now, listen to me. I am looking for a scrum half with a high degree of vision, the ability to react to situations very quickly, and good handling skills, as well as the ability to spin the ball with great ease off both hands, so please make sure you have it.
Le Duc: Que?
Nigel: Kay?
Le Duc: Si.
Nigel: Sea? Kay, sea? What are you trying to say?
Le Duc : No, no, no. Que... what.
Nigel: Kay Watt?
Le Duc: Si, que what.
Nigel: C.K. Watt?
Le Duc: Yes!
Nigel: Is he for real, Macker?
Le Duc: Oh, macheer! Obelix
Nigel: He is?
Le Duc: Ah, Mackcherr!
Nigel: What?
Le Duc : Bingo!
Nigel: What are you talking about, you silly little man?
Le Duc : Here is your sandwich you bo%%ox!***

*** Damien started a job in the kitchen in Fitzies and Dinky (a good Seapoint man) knowing well Damien didn’t have a word of English told him to say when dropping off a sandwich to customers “ here is your sandwich, you bo%%ox”

Very little was known about Damien Le Duc when he came to these shores. Rumour has it that Le Duc tried to do a u-turn in Dublin Airport when he was greeted by Henry the Hippo. Le Duc having very little English questioned the size of the task at hand having met a man that created a hollow sub-section of the English language that he and only he alone understands. After overcoming the initial shock a blossoming relationship was formed and the two can often be seen walking hand in hand from Pottery road to Seapoint. They have even named themselves Astrix and you bollix!!!!! Damien has fast become a very popular character with in the squad is often confused about what his name is le bingo, le puke, le joke, le suck and pepe le pew to name a few. Damien even attempted to grow a mo for Movember sprouting two hairs above his top lip. Unfortunately by the time the third one arrived it was December. Damien has been a valuable asset to the club and despite the language barrier improves game by game.

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