By Sedge Tiger, 24th Apr 2011

This season started very well for the Mighty winning and being un-beaten through the normal league structure of the BMW Bateman Premier League. Just after Christmas it splits into two parts conference A for the top seeded teams and Conference B.

Sedge started the Conference A campaign well but with injuries to the First XV requiring players to move up and then this been complicated by injuries to the second team squad, playing strength was beginning to look in short supply.

It was getting hard for the boys losing to teams that normally they would leave in their wake began to effect confidence as the twos went into a mini slump.

This team though is made from sterner stuff and they have brushed themselves down battled hard and have turned a corner which has led to this weekend’s double home game against the top two.

In the process of not only finding the fighting spirit required to pull themselves around the wise old head of Steve Hazelby looked around the club and gave youth a chance bringing in five of the current junior colts squad into the fold.

Not all of the selections may be these seasons’ answers but the blooding process has begun and this can only bode well for the future.

Two too watch are Tom Whitton flanker and Scott Murphy number eight both have had game time and more than hold their own at senior level.

So with two games in hand and 4 points for win it seems like a huge hill for the mighty twos to catch the Macc lads.

Here is the current league placings:


1. Macclesfield 2 10 37
2. Stockport 2 10 28
3. Sedgley Park 2 8 26
4. Vale of Lune 2 10 25
5. Caldy 2 11 23


The recent results see Macc keeping up the momentum to take the league whilst the Mighty twos had a fantastic victory last weekend against Preston Grasshoppers at their place. It was hard work for Stockport at home to fifth place Caldy.

April 2011
Sat 16th Macclesfield 2 57 vs 8 Vale of Lune 2
Sat 16th Preston GH 2 7 vs 59 Sedgley Park 2
Sat 16th Stockport 2 29 vs 24 Caldy 2


It is double double weekends for the twos with the two games this weekend against Stockport and Macclesfield then the following bank holiday weekend it is the same again for the Tigers with Caldy away on the Saturday and the last game of the season being Lymm away.

This should be a cracking run in and we wish all the lads the best of luck in the next two weeks.

Come on the Mighty Twos


Sat 23rd Lymm 2 vs Macclesfield 2 15:00
Sat 23rd Sedgley Park 2 vs Stockport 2 14:00
Sat 23rd Vale of Lune 2 vs Preston GH 2 15:00

Mon 25th Sedgley Park 2 vs Macclesfield 2 14:30
Mon 25th Vale of Lune 2 vs Stockport 2 15:00

Sat 30th Caldy 2 vs Sedgley Park 2 15:00
Sat 30th Lymm 2 vs Preston GH 2 15:00

May 2011

Mon 2nd Lymm 2 vs Sedgley Park 2 15:00

All the best



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  1. Dave Morton over 4 years ago

    I've tried to check my last comment, about head-to-head being the first tie-break. Having read a very confusing Rule 16 I'm not sure this is the case.

    In fact the rule mentions only promotion and relegation, and not titles - and is very poorly worded. Read it for yourselves.

    I would strongly advise someone from our team to phone the relevant official before 2pm on Monday. It really could make a difference, perhaps the difference of being able to kick a penalty goal rather than go for a try in the dying seconds.

  2. Dave Morton over 4 years ago

    To clarify the above, IF we can win both home games this weekend, and assuming Macclesfield beat Lymm, which is as certain as death and taxes, well taxes anyway...

    That will leave it: Macclesfield played 12 (finished) 42 points, Sedgley played 10 and on 34 points.

    Win the two remaining games, which we should, and we'll be level with Macc on 42 points.

    I understand that where teams finish level the first tie-break goes on the head-to-head, so we would need to beat Macclesfield by 4 points or more because we lost the away game by 3.

    So we need to win all our games, and the Macclesfield one by 4 point margin.

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