Club RSS Feeds

Ever wanted to get up to date notifications within your browser when the latest news or a new match report is posted on the club website? Well now you can with the club’s RSS feed. Follow the instructions below and set it up for:

Club News:

Match Reports:

n.b. All plug-ins or add-ons are recommended as they work nicely but try any others you like.

Google Chrome
(This feature will add a little icon next to your address bar that will alert you with a new post whenever it detects one)

1. Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for “RSS Feed Reader”.
2. Select the top link (from and click “Add To Chrome”.
3. The RSS sign should appear to the right of the address bar.
4. Right click on the icon and select “Options”.
5. Select “New Feed” and simply copy in the above URLs one at a time.

Mozilla Firefox
(This feature will add a little tiny ticker across the bottom of your webpage and will scroll across any unread feeds from the subscribed feeds)

1. Go to the Add-ons Manager and search for “RSS Ticker 10”.
2. Select RSS Ticker 10 and click “Install”.
3. Restart Firefox and go to the club’s homepage.
4. Select the RSS sign next to the address bar and then choose “Subscribe to...” and select the feed you desire.
5. Upon restarting Firefox the ticker should be running with the news feed at the bottom of the screen. Once a story has been read it is removed from the ticker so as to not constantly annoy you.

Struggling to get something as good as these 2 for Internet Explorer or Safari but if you find one, please let us know.


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