Hi all "100" Clubbers!

You may have seen a Facebook post about this excellent fundraiser which has, for years, helped to contribute significantly to the Club's coffers and enabled us to be ambitious and, amongst other things, to provide quality coaching to all teams-one of the few sides in the North, I am reliably informed, to do so.

Therefore, my thanks go to all who have helped ,down the years in many cases,and I now look to those, already in the scheme, to continue to do so for the coming season-give or take those who have run off home to further irritate the folks!!

All your lucky numbers remain the same;the scheme rules remain the same and your £30.00[no increase] fee is payable from the 1st October with cheques made out to SUBHC or paid with subs etc as long as I know!Or cash, of course.

This message is also aimed at potential new members as this will help to maintain the scheme at a viable level.

What is the "100" Club?

It is a scheme for raising money for SUBHC with over 50% of the income coming back to its members in cash prizes, with a twice monthly draw-£30 & £20-throughout the season, followed by a GRAND PRIZE DRAW and FREE SUPPER evening,in and around APRIL or MAY [Quality Bangers and Mash has been one suggestion put forward, so far!]


A mere £30.00 for the season and you could win that sum back!

Next step?

Contact me-0776 522 8364-or or tweet banzaibob11 and I'll allocate you a lucky, spare number. GET ON!

Where next?

Dec 2011 & Jan 2012 Winners for December & January £30.00 Ed Ide, Paul D'Souza, Phil Budgell, Mark Simmonds £20.


Club sponsors