Updating Your Player Profile

Want a picture and a bit of a bio on your playing profile?

Then follow these simple steps:

1. Follow the link: http://www.pitchero.com/home/home.php to get backstage on your own profile.

2. Select Edit Profile on the left and you should see all your information pop up.

3. You can edit your Pitchero Profile here if you wish (About Me, My Sporting Career, My Sporting Heros, Favourite Sporting Quotes) but hardly anyone will ever see this.

4. Click on the Player Profile tab.

5. You should see your player profile if you have been approved already. Select Edit on the right of the profile you wish to change.

6. Here you can change everything. You can add an image (detailed instructions are below) and you can enter you own bio under Notes.

Have fun!

Uploading An Image

a) Click on Add/Edit Image(s) button.
b) A pop-up will appear.
c) Click Choose File, choose your image and then click Upload(120 x 150 works best)
d) Now find the image you have just uploaded in the Albums folders list on the left
e) Select the image and click OK (Finished)


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