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Shortwood United

Shortwood v Port Vale

By Jim Cunneen, 31st Oct 2013

Shortwood United FC have pleasure in announcing that not only have they reached the First round of the FA Cup, sponsored by Budweiser, when they will play Sky Bet Division One side Port Vale, the FA have notified the club that the tie will be shown live by BT Sport!

The match will be played at Meadowbank on Monday 11th November - kick off 7.45. The BT programme will start at 7.30.

Entry will be all ticket and full arrangements including ticket sales will be announced tomorrow (Friday)

Jim Cunneen


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  1. Wayne Hams 1 year ago

    My throat is still sore now. Been a long time since I shouted like that. Fantastic night

  2. J J 1 year ago

    Hi folks, Port Vale fan here. Great result by you lot on Tuesday - got quite excited following it on Twitter! And extra huge respect to those of you who made it down there.
    Am I right in thinking your ground is virtually all standing? And are there any club facilities we will be able to use before kick off. Thanks in advance for any info.

  3. Richard Coates 1 year ago

    There is some seating and it think that you will need to reserve them (keep look out on here and the PV site for more info, as there is a meeting tonight to discuss this and other issue's about the game. There is also a bar and catering facilities, how that will be divided I am not sure, as normally it is open to all fans (it was for the Aldershot game) but the FA may have other criteria planned. I hope not as we are a very friendly club and the Aldershot fans enjoyed the freedom that was offered to them, shame it was not the same in the replay!.
    Hope that helps, but keep checking this website and PV's.

  4. J J 1 year ago

    Were all the seats filled for the Aldershot game? I've been to Aldershot many times - the hospitality there has always been a smelly burger bar and some portaloos! Thanks for replying.

  5. Richard Coates 1 year ago

    Hi JJ
    Yes and it will also be all ticket the round as I think the limit is 1500 fans

  6. Richard Coates 1 year ago

    I do hope that the loyal supporters get tickets and not just those jumping on the FA wagon

  7. mark robins 1 year ago

    Especially the ones with bad throats from tuesday night lol

  8. Richard Coates 1 year ago

    Manage to clear mine by drinking copious amounts of larger straight after the game and the following night, shame there was little sleep in between tho.

  9. Duffnut 1 year ago

    Congrats guys, brilliant for you. I will be watching if you can just beat them too please so us Shots don't feel quite so bad.:-)

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