Sidcup Rugby Football Club

Sidcup Rugby Football Club
By Porky Britton | 10th January 2012

vets team.

Hello guys.

well dust off your boots and come and play a half or even 10 minutes with the new "Vets",see all your old mates and have a beer.The side will not be influenced by the 3rd and 4th teams and FIXTURES WILL ONLY BE AGAINST FELLOW VETS TEAMS.
So i can promise a bit of laugh watching grown men running or walking around the pitch and no smoking on the pitch !, we intend to bring a new lease of life back to the club and show those young guns how it used to be with grunt and groan, mind you most of the young guns i knew are are now Vets.... happy days.

Heres to the return of the VETS XV(PLUS 10 SUBS) ,see if you can still squeeze into those shirts.

so if your interested just drop me or gerry a line..

Hope to see you all soon.


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