Staffe Park Bus

by Alan Tyrer

Skipper Delaney Signs off With MOM

Today's final game in the Skem League as Under 7's pretty much summed this talented group of kids up for me. All the play, all the chances and no luck!?

The boys started off as shown below:

GK 1: Andrew Schofield

DF 4: Ben Randles

DF 6: Lewis Evans

MF 7: Mikey Delaney (Captain on his final appearance)

MF 8: Harry Smith

MF 9: Josh Wilson

ST 10: Owen Welsh


2: Harvey Adatsi

3: Lennon Tyrer

The boys started in usual fashion with Andrew a complete spectator for the whole first half. Bickerstaffe had a number of good kids in their ranks but they were just quaffed by our whole team. Ben and Lewis dealt with anything that came their way, Lewis in particular looks so assured these days with his passing from the back. Ben in contrast is happier when there is a tackle to be made and on the rare occasion that Bickerstaffe got near our goal, Ben was on hand to mop everything up.

In the middle was our 3 amigo's (remember them for Wigan in the 90's? If only we new one day one of those would be in the running for the Liverpool job!?) Josh played wide right, Harry on the left and that left the middle for my skipper for the day Mikey Delaney! Mikey was making his final appearance for us in the Skem JFL and a great example of teamsmanship from Harvey allowed me to promote Mikey to captain for this match and the little man wasted no time in showing Liverpool what they are in for (he was asked to go down to the Academy following our session on Saturday). It was a combination of Josh and Mikey's persistence that led to our opener as they both worked like trojan's to win the ball back and fed it to Owen who was playing up front, Owen tooka touch before smashing a great right footed effort from fully 12 yards. A great goal from Owen who had led the line excellently all half despite taking a few kicks for his troubles, which is something he will have to get used to as he does encourage a lot of tackles when he tries to dribble through the defence.

We saw out the half at 1-0.

For the second half Lennon and Harvey took to the field in place of Lewis and Harry and both slotted in perfectly. Lennon at the back with Ben and Harvey into the centre of midfield with Josh and Mikey either side of him.

Josh had an excellent game all round and looked dangerous every time he got the ball. But it was Josh without the ball that stuck out for me today. When he plays up front Josh is deadly and WILL score goals but when he drops back into the midfield he becomes even more involved as there aren't many players who get past him due to his persistence and strength, add to that his ability to lift his head and play the pass when its on and you have a pretty fantastic focal point for your team, I can't say enough about this kid I really can't.

Despite our dominance it was STILL just 1-0 and whether your under 7's or premier league 1-0 is a perilous score line and sure enough it happened........Lennon looked to have dealt with the Bickerstaffe attack down our left only for a resulting throw-in to spoon up off their attackers boot and the wind take it over Andrews head and into the far corner and in off the post! 1-1 and absolutely TYPICAL, our boys work their socks off and mother nature decides she will get involved. The same mother nature then got involved again after Owen was fouled again and Josh's resultant free kick smashed off the post after the wind took it too far left.

The game ended 1-1 but our boys will come off knowing they were the better team in the eyes of everyone who watched.

A further special mention to young Mikey Delany, he has been an absolute dream to coach and all the boys will be gutted that he will not be part of our matches anymore. He signed off his season by deservedly picking up today's MOM Medal from the Ref. Well Done Mikey!!


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