Southampton Saints G&L FC

Southampton Saints G&L FC

Kia drives on the team for 3 points!

by Chrissy Murray

Southampton Saints 3 Clanfield 0

The under tens had Clanfield today at Garrison Ground. Although we had won our previous two games against them, it was going to be difficult as they drew with Winchester 1-1 last week. We had 2 debutants playing today (Beth Maxwell and Emily Gardiner) as well as Holly Boyle who hasn't played im a while. Kia Anteney had a mission today to add a defence splitting pass into her grafting and skillful game.

Saints were up for it and started quickly, passing the ball across the picth well. Simge and Lisa were trying all ways to put the ball through to Jennifer, who was keeping the Clanfield defence busy. Kaytlin and Sophie were stopping all of Clanfield's opportunities by clearing all through balls. Eventually the Clanfield defence was broken down when Kia Anteney was put through on goal and she sent the Saints 1-0 up. Annie then was put back under pressure, she didn't have much to do however the concentration that she maintained was fantastic. Beth and Emily were brought on in Midefield/defence and showed great discipline with marking and keeping possession, fitting in really well. A few minutes before the end of the first half, Simge had a great shot which the keeper saved and was parried back out to Kia Anteney who casually doubled the lead before half time.

Second half saw Saints keep up their continued pressure. Jennifer King kept the defence at bay and chased down every ball that was sent up to her. Lisa Gilham made a great cross field pass to Beth Maxwell who set Jennifer up perfectly and no doubt Jennifer scored. But we didn't stop there, the Saints worked very hard to not give Clanfield any chances and looked solid in every area of the pitch.

This was one of the best performances that I have seen these girls play and we showed class from the first whistle to the final whistle. Every player shone in their own area and did so well in their individual roles. Stef and I are very proud of every single one of them.

Girl of the Game: One player really did own the centre of the pitch today, which is why Kia defintely deserves this award this week. She did exactly what was asked of her today by releasing the ball at the right time and was rewarded for her efforts by getting another 2 goals for her talley. Well done Kia!!!

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