Southwell Brincliffe Ladies I - Match centre

Boots 3
Southwell Brincliffe 1
Full time
R Kemp (6' )
Sat 10 Mar 10:30 - League

SBU 1 V Boots 3

Not our greatest performance but a fantastic 3 points added to our name. Well done Ladies.

Having expected this game to be a tough one, we were not disappointed to say the least. Having heard we were down to the bare 11 on Friday it was important that we conserved our energy as much as possible from the off. Within the first few minutes of the game we found ourselves back against the wall, with Boots piling on the pressure, we had a narrow escape early on with Boots slotting the ball slightly wide of our post on a short corner. Following this Southwell Brincliffe turned the game around with Nikita (Keats) driving up the field from defence, and performing a series of one twos with Chrissy in the attacking 25. Chrissy then slotted a fantastic ball through the Rachel who was ready and eager to slot the first goal of the match past their keeper. The noise of the ball hitting the backboard was amazing and well celebrated by all. (Keats is claiming part of the assist her, and continues to strive to score by the end of the season DREAM ON). The remainder of the first half was end to end action, with both teams having scoring opportunities. Chris Berry was on hand to provide the team with positive and constructive feedback to a very confusing and frustrating first half. Second half started in a similar way to the first with Boots pressuring the Southwell defensive line. It wasn’t long before Boots’ effort paid off when they scored a well worked goal making the score line even at 1-1. Now the pressure was really on. Despite Boots determination and effort Southwell displayed some strong defensive play with tackles by Kay, Emily, Keats and Louise, and all of whom demonstrated their teamwork, support and communication to calmly deal with any major threats, particularly on short corners, where the well rehearsed short corners of Boots were read and extinguished by the defensive team. The midfield saw a new structure and line up with all player stepping up to the roles very well and positively. All midfielders worked extremely hard, with Jane and Lianne driving down the wings and placing some accurate and menacing balls in to the attacking 25, they also tracked back to support the team with defending. Helen Foster had her hands full with number 28, and she was able to mark this individual out the game, taking the pressure of the defence slightly and in addition providing support to the forward line. Chrissy appears to have found her position despite carrying a painful back injury which temporally excused her from playing, Chrissy played top of the diamond and demonstrated her vision, speed and ability to link the forwards line and midfield line well. Rachel worked very hard in the attacking 25, creating some amazing runs to receive the ball, and then holding the ball well before distributing the ball again or running towards goal. As a result, Rachel’s run at the near post created an opportunity to set Maria up for Southwell’s 2nd goal putting the score at 2:1. The look of amazement on everyone’s face to see Maria score from 2 yards out, slotting the ball passed Boots’ keeper: without taking a massive swing, hitting it wide, missing the ball or scream oh *****. This performance by Maria, who ran her socks off even defending at some point and making Nikita a happy sweeper, she also created some fantastic scoring opportunities. In form Maria was rewarded with a well deserved player of the match with 4 votes. Well done girls on a inspirational performance, a good three points. Thanks go out to, Giles for Umpiring, Chris for coaching and being an inspiration (Haha I am a creep) and Mark for his support.


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Goal Rachel Kemp scores for Southwell Brincliffe 1


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  • Boots 3
  • Southwell Brincliffe 1
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  • Rachel Kemp Goal 6:00'
  • Nikita Hodgson Assist 6:00'
  • Rachel Kemp Assist 42:00'
  • Nikita Hodgson Green Card 65:00'

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