The club was formed in 1963 by three teachers, pupils and former pupils from Stobswell Junior Secondary School. The club forged links with NCR Rugby Club in the late 1960’s when the overspill of players, from running only one side, turned out for NCR Rugby Club. The club tried to secure the use of what was considered,at that time, the best rugby pitch in Dundee at NCR grounds on the Kingsway opposite Dryburgh housing scheme as their home pitch but the NCR company insisted that to do this the club would have to change its name to NCR. As history shows this never happened and the club continued to play their home matches at the Council run Caird Park. The clubs merged at the start of the 1970’s running two XV’s. The clubs first links with our Welsh friends, Treherbert RFC, was in 1971 when a club committee member at the time met them in the Queens Hotel Dundee after the Scotland v Wales international that year. The bi-annual visit of each club goes on to this day and many great friendships have been made between the clubs throughout the years.

At the outset of League Rugby in Scotland in season 1973/74 the club played in the Midlands District league and won the league in season 1975/76 winning all of its games, the crunch game thought by many at the time being a home victory over our great rivals Glenrothes 7-6 and the last being away to Stirling University, thus gaining promotion to the then National league 7. During the 1970’s and into the 1980’s the club recruited players from Kirkton High School (Baldragon), Lawside Academy and Linlathen High School which culminated in the club running three XV’s and an under 18’s. The club continued to compete in National League 7 until season 1981/82 when due to re-organisation, and finishing in the top four of the league that season, were promoted to National League 6. The club continued to compete in National League 6 until 1985/86 when it was relegated to National League 7. The club continued to compete in National 7 until 1989/90 when it was relegated to the then Midlands District League. With relegation, ageing club membership and lack of young players taking up the game at schools due to the knock on effect of teachers strike, the club were reduced to running only two XV’s in the 1990’s and down to one XV in the 2000’s. One consolation is that unlike some other clubs in Scotland, Stobswell did not go to the wall, so the committee and members at that time must be commended on keeping the club going.

Since season 1990/91 to present day the club has competed every season in a form of Midlands District/Caledonia League. This season, 2010/11, the club will compete in Caledonia League 3 Midlands along with Atholl Highlanders, Bannockburn, Montrose & District, Panmure and Waid Academy FP. Home games will be played at Downfield Park, Charlotte Street, Dundee and after match Hospitality is at The Boars Rock pub, Dundee.


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