Stockport Sports FC - The Saxons

Stockport Sports FC - The Saxons

Join The 1000 Saxons Today

By The Saxons Webmaster, 12th Sep 2012

How would you like to watch Stockport Sports FC every week for only £5? Well, by joining the 1000 Saxons club, you can get a family season ticket for only that tiny price, meaning you can be watching Peter Withe’s side take on the best the North West Counties League has to offer every Home game!

As well as entry to every home league game all season, the membership also gives you FREE tickets for Under 16’s to distribute however you like, a car sticker, poster to put up at work and you become a lottery agent for the “Saxons Super 7 Draw”.

The aim of the 1000 Saxons is to get 1000 members of the local community to become active and involved with the club, whether that is through supporters, the general public or local businesses.

If you don’t feel like the £5 offer is good enough, there is also a membership available for just £1 per week. With this offer you will get the poster and car sticker to display as you wish, as well as FREE tickets for Under 16’s to distribute and raise awareness of the good work Stockport Sports is doing to engage the general public in the upcoming season.

Join the 1000 Saxons today, click here for full details

Payment is made on a monthly basis through Direct Debit, join today in time for the start of The Saxons Home games beginning in September


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