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Stockport Sports FC Apparel Coordinator (Kit Manager) required for 2012/2013 Season

Job Title: Stockport Sports FC Apparel Coordinator (Kit Manager)
Reports to: Peter Withe, Team Head Coach Direct
Status: Volunteer or Casual
Salary: Daily rate applicable (to be negotiated)


Roles & Responsibilities:
1. Football Apparel Coordinator
Manage and organise teams clothing daily laying out and sorting of kit for training.
Ensuring spare training kit available if needed for wet days. Carry out delivery and pick up of kit from washing provider daily.
Submit lost property report and any player responsible for both home and away kits cleaning, repair and replacement for bench Suits and warm up suits.
Managers Requirements for touchline apparel IE correct sponsors wear required by league.

2. Men’s Team Kit Manager for the 2012 - 2013 Season
Baggage and Kit Handling and Maintenance
To be responsible for the transportation and handling of the playing kit for all games home and away.
To be responsible for the transportation and handling of training equipment including, but not limited to, spare kits, medical equipment and fitness equipment for the players.
To be responsible for ensuring that the required training equipment is available and if necessary, set up prior to All Whites training sessions.
To be responsible for the care and maintenance of the training equipment for the players, but not limited to, maintaining records of that equipment, establishing rules for the use and return of that equipment, ensuring those rules are adhered to and organising the repair of that equipment as required. When the players are on any away travel to ensure All vehicles are loaded and unloaded and associated airport duties are carried out.

Required Experience & Qualifications
Strong interpersonal and oral communication skills including the ability to effectively liaise with administrators, coaches and players. Strong organisational skills Experience of working or playing in a team
environment, and an appreciation of being a team player. Full Driver’s license is required.

Required Skills:
Specifically, the following skills are vitally important:
Leadership – leading positively, by example; Communication – active,
regular, effective communicator; Inter-personal Relationships – working
successfully with people; Management – effective skills.
At a personal level, the successful applicant will have demonstrated
personal motivation to achieve excellence in all areas, through drawing
on the expertise of others.


Where next?

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